Urban Meyer ranked second-best new NFL head coach

Head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars Urban Meyer (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)
Head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars Urban Meyer (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images) /

If you are a Jacksonville Jaguars fan, you were surely excited when the organization hired Urban Meyer as their head coach. After all, the Ohio native is known for turning different programs into powerhouses is one of the winningest coaches in college football history. So far, Meyer has the Jags on the right track and made significant changes in his short tenure with the teams. Thus, it’s not surprising to see him land near to the top of a recent ranking.

Cody Benjamin of CBS Sports recently ranked every new head coach in the NFL and Meyer popped up at number two, one spot ahead Nick Sirianni of the Philadelphia Eagles and one below of Brandon Staley of the Los Angeles Chargers. Benjamin thinks that Meyer may only last as little as two years in the NFL, as he has a history of walking away. On the other hand, he points out that Jags owner Shad Khan didn’t spend weeks trying to lure the former Florida head coach just to move on from him after a short stint.

Benjamin also believes Meyer will help the Jaguars raise the profile of the franchise nationally and internationally. He notes that head coaches that succeed at the collegiate level often struggle to make the transition to the pros. However, the former Ohio State coach is getting unlimited resources and will do things his way, which will help him implement his vision.

Staley’s has quickly risen through the coaching ranks. He was the Denver Broncos’ linebackers coach in 2019 and was hired as the Los Angeles Rams defensive coordinator last season. He only lasted one season in LA, as his unit ranked first in points allowed and total yards. The Rams ended up losing to the Green Bay Packers in the Divisional Round of 2020’s playoffs but the Bolts liked his work so much that they hired him to be their head coach earlier this year.

Urban Meyer may have deserved the top spot in the ranking.

You could argue Meyer deserved the top spot in Benjamin’s ranking. It’s true that making the transition to the pros is no walk in the park. However, he’s had success anywhere he’s gone and Jacksonville should be no different. Meyer knows the NFL is a whole different animal but he has surrounded himself with football people that will help him make the adjustment. Jaguars offensive line George Warhop, a holdover from the previous regime, says that the change is noticeable.

Warhop recently had a sitdown with the local media and said that Meyer’s energy and approach are different. He noted that the Jags head coach will do whatever is necessary for the players, that they have the best in the building, that they’re taken care of by the best”.

If Warhop is highlighting the fact Meyer puts his players first, it is because not every head coach does even though it’s common sense. After all, how can you expect your difference-makers to perform at a high level if you don’t provide them with everything they need? Meyer is making sure Jaguars players have access to the best training, physical therapy, sport psychology, and nutrition available.

Meyer has also done a good job of replenishing a roster that lacked talent last season. He said that it’s not fair to say that the Jaguars are starting from ground zero but the truth is that they didn’t have enough playmakers to compete on a consistent basis in 2020. Having a franchise quarterback in Trevor Lawrence will surely help the Jaguars start winning games soon but Urban Meyer will also have an important role in the team’s potential turnaround.

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