Jaguars hot seat: 3 players under the most pressure to perform in 2021

Cam Robinson, #74 of the Jacksonville Jaguars (Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images)
Cam Robinson, #74 of the Jacksonville Jaguars (Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images) /
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Cam Robinson #74 of the Jacksonville Jaguars (Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images) /

Probably you have heard that to solve a problem you must dig the root instead of just hacking at the leaves. That’s precisely what the Jacksonville Jaguars did this past offseason. They gave head coach Doug Marrone the pink slip and hired Urban Meyer to take his place. Also, they promoted Trent Baalke to general manager after moving on from David Caldwell last year. Looking back, the Jags made the right decision.

Why would trust the same people that took the franchise to the ground to fix it? The Jaguars wanted a fresh start and brought in Meyer to oversee the rebuild. The organization has given the former Ohio State head coach carte blanche to do what he needs to turn things around, and the early results have been encouraging. One of the most significant changes is making sure players have access to the best resources, whether it’s nutrition, rehab, therapy, so they can be in a position to succeed.

Speaking of players, Meyer said on the Rich Eisen podcast that they aren’t starting from ground zero, as there is a talented core in place. However, he’s starting to bring in his own players and will move on from those that don’t fit his vision. Keep in mind that this isn’t shocking. New coaching staffs always inherit players from the previous regime, and they don’t always fit the new system, so it’s common practice to replace them.

There are currently several Jaguars’ from the previous regime, who are the ones in the hottest seat to perform in 2021?