Jacksonville Jaguars: Allen Robinson’s serenity ‘freaked teammates out’

JACKSONVILLE, FL - NOVEMBER 13: Allen Robinson /

The Jacksonville Jaguars should look for a way to bring back wide receiver Allen Robinson if he hits the open market. It won’t be easy though, as the Chicago Bears plan to apply the franchise tag on him, which would stop him from becoming a free agent. The 2014 second-round pick recently opened up about his current contract situation.

Robinson talked to Tyler Dunne of Go Long about how he wants to get a deal on par with his status as one of the best wide receivers in the NFL. In the conversation, an anecdote about his ‘calm but driven’ approach came up. His agent, Brandon Parker, says that his serenity in Jacksonville ‘downright freaked teammates out’ and added that “they couldn’t understand how he was able to stay sane through such an offensive malaise… so many L’s”.

Dunne’s article highlights Robinson’s thought process and details how the receiver focused on his craft. After putting in the work, he rightfully wants to get paid this offseason, which may turn out to be complicated, as there have not been contracts between him and the Bears in months.

Coming off an injury-plagued season in 2017, Robinson signed a three-year $42 million contract with the Bears, and now that his deal is up, he wants to get another one that reflects the kind of impact he can have on the field. He believes every option is on the table, but if Chicago opts to use the franchise on him, his options will be limited.

Robinson could play a role in the Jacksonville Jaguars rebuilding effort.

The Jaguars’ decision to let Robinson walk away was a bad one in retrospect. Even if they hadn’t been able to maximize his potential, he would still have made the team better. The wide receiver showed in the ‘Windy City’ that he doesn’t need a good quarterback to play at a high level. Looking back, he could’ve had the same kind of impact in Jacksonville had the team not deemed him expendable.

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Three years later, the Jags should bury the hatchet and give Robinson the contract he deserves. It may not come cheap but it would be worth it to see him wear the Black and Teal once again. Jacksonville will likely use the first overall selection in 2021’s draft to take Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawerence, arguably the best draft prospect since Andrew Luck. If they want him to succeed, they have to surround him with weapons and there may not be any better ones available than Robinson if he hits the open market.