How the league reacted to James Robinson’s Pro Bowl snub

Running back James Robinson (30) of the Jacksonville Jaguars (Mike Watters-USA TODAY Sports)
Running back James Robinson (30) of the Jacksonville Jaguars (Mike Watters-USA TODAY Sports) /

Jaguar’s running back James Robinson was snubbed of a Pro Bowl vote.

James Robinson has been often times the sole bright spot on this team. And it has come out of nowhere. Everyone knows he was undrafted out of Illinois State, but he also had immediate expectations once named the starter before the season opener following the Jaguars release of former fourth overall pick Leonard Fournette.

Robinson has impressed ever since, rushing for the third-most yards in the league with 1,070 and adding 344 in the passing game to give him 1,414 total yards from scrimmage on the season. That ranks fourth in the NFL and the young rookie has reached the endzone ten total times, and now with two games left in the season people have taken notice of Robinson, or so we thought.

Robinson snub likely due to Jaguars lack of success…

Robinson was not named to the 2020 pro bowl. He was left off. He was completely snubbed, and there is no logical reasoning as to why he was not a pro bowler.

The three running backs from the AFC who did make it were Derrick Henry, Nick Chubb and Josh Jacobs. All are great backs. No one is denying that, but when two out of the three are not as productive as one who was left off something is wrong.

The case is clearly there for Henry, who was the best back in the league in 2020. However, you’d be hard-pressed to make the case for Chubb or Jacobs over Robinson in the AFC. Chubb at least is in the top five in production and should by all means be a pro bowler this season as well, but Jacobs over Robinson is laughable.

Robinson has better numbers in nearly every category with far less around him to work with offensively than Jacobs. Robinson has a better YPC (4.5 vs 3.7) on five less carries, more yards (1,070 vs 907),  more receptions (49 vs 33), more yards receiving (344 vs 238) and the same amount of total touchdowns with 10 each.

It’s pretty simple when you break it all down, and I’m not the only one who thinks so.

Robinson’s running mate in jacksonville, Chris Thompson had some choice words about the snub.

And Thompson knows how meaningful it would’ve been if Robinson would’ve been selected.

Thompson was not the only one who voiced displeasure with the decision to leave Robinson off the list though. Here’s how voices from around the Jaguars beat and from around the league felt about the Jaguars sensational back not making the 2020 pro bowl.

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