Jacksonville Jaguars: James Robinson achieves 2 unique feats in Week 11

Jacksonville Jaguars running back James Robinson #30 (Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports)
Jacksonville Jaguars running back James Robinson #30 (Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports) /

James Robinson played hard once again for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Looking at the Jacksonville Jaguars take on the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 11 wasn’t a pleasant experience. While the defense did its job, the ‘Jags’ couldn’t get anything going on offense and could only come away with three points. Many players contributed to that offensive attrition, but James Robinson wasn’t one of them.

The rookie running back tallied 17 carries for 73 yards and hauled in two passes for 26 yards. Moreover, 45 of his rushing yards came after contact, via Pro Football Focus. If he didn’t have better numbers was because of the overall inefficiency of the Jaguars’ offense.

While the contest was fairly even in the first quarter, the Steelers took a 17-3 lead in the second quarter, and in an effort to catch up, Jacksonville’s coaching staff abandoned the run. In defense of the Jags, they weren’t going to catch up by pounding the ball, so it kind of made sense that they try throwing the ball, even if it didn’t work.

The Jacksonville Jaguars’ offensive futility clouded an important moment.

Heading into the game, Robinson needed 83 yards to get 1,000 scrimmage yards. In the end, he got 99 and became just the fifth undrafted running back to achieve the milestone and a moment that should’ve been celebrated and talked about barely registered a blip.

Also, the Illinois State standout became the only undrafted running back to reach the 1,000 scrimmage yards in one game. 25 players have achieved the feat, but Robinson is the only one that wasn’t drafted, via Warren Sharp of Sharp Football Analysis.

After the Steelers game, head coach Doug Marrone told the local media the team couldn’t ask much more from him and acknowledge he is one of the few bright spots on offense. In fact, looking at the ‘Jags’ roster, the rookie running back may be the only player that may earn a Pro Bowl designation in 2020.

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This Jacksonville team doesn’t have an answer at the quarterback position and will have to find a franchise signal-caller to start winning games. On the other hand, they should feel a little relief knowing they already have their workhorse running back on the roster.