Jacksonville Jaguars vs Steelers: 3 bold predictions

The Jacksonville Jaguars aren’t going down without a fight.

Whenever you hear about the Jacksonville Jaguars this year, you probably hear how bad they are and how they are going to be in a position to have a high draft pick in 2021. While the latter is true, the former it’s just kind of true.

This Jacksonville team is what their 1-8 record says they are, a subpar squad that hasn’t been good at winning games in 2020. What the record doesn’t show is that the Jaguars are a tough group that has fought hard in every game in spite of their drought of talent.

The Jaguars don’t have a clear answer at quarterback and they are in need of talent at most position groups on defense. However, they have a few playmakers that have individually stood out and should be part of the team’s core for years to come.

Rookie James Robinson, who is one of the best running backs in the NFL, comes to mind, and so does underrated linebacker Myles Jacks, who gets the job done week in and week out without garnering much national recognition. Both players are part of this week’s three bold predictions.

Here are three bold predictions for the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 11.

1. James Robinson will score two touchdowns.

This one is a bit hard to believe considering that even though Robinson has been very effective at running the ball and averages 4.4 yards per carry, he has scored just five touchdowns this season.

To make matters worse, the Steelers have just allowed just five rushing touchdowns this season. It doesn’t matter though, the Illinois State standout will break the trend and score on Pittsburgh run defense.

2. The Jaguars defense will force two turnovers again. 

Rookie cornerback C.J. Henderson forced a fumble and Sidney Jones intercepted one pass when the Jaguars played the Green Bay Packers in Week 11. This week, Myles Jack will intercept one pass and rookie defensive tackle DaVon Hamilton will force a fumble.

Jack stripped the ball from Houston Texans running back David Johnson’s hands a few weeks ago and Hamilton has steadily shown growth in his rookie season. Both defenders will play a key role against Pittsburgh’s offense.

3. Quarterback Jake Luton will throw two touchdowns.

Rookie quarterback Jake Luton is an enigma heading into Week 11. Which version is going to show up? The one that displayed his arm strength and took shots downfield against the Texans? Or will it be the one that looked hesitant at times and struggled when the ‘Jags’ played the Packers?

The former is the one that most take the field against the Steelers, one that isn’t afraid of stretching the field and exchanging shots with quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. Luton has shown he can play well and he will do it Sunday.