Jacksonville Jaguars: Which player can this team not lose to COVID-19?

Is there a Jacksonville Jaguars player who the team cannot survive the season without should COVID-19 attack the team’s roster?

There has been a bit of discussion about how COVID might affect the NFL and the Jacksonville Jaguars this season.

It’s a serious concern as we have already seen how it has changed the way the team has handled the offseason workout program and the installation of the team’s new offense. With the announcement that players here in Jacksonville have already been placed on the reserved/COVID-19 list this week, the NFL has continued to enforce protocols to ensure safety amongst teams while trying to stay as healthy as possible.

The biggest concern is if an entire unit (O-Line, D-Line, LBs, WRs, etc.) were to get the virus. If a team lost all their wide receives for just one week they would be at a tremendous disadvantage for that upcoming game. The same could be said for the entire defensive line or linebackers. How about special teams? What would be the impact if the Jacksonville Jaguars lost their entire offensive line?

Well, some fans might say having a new offensive line would be an upgrade. That’s another story.

We should also consider when would be the worst time for the loss. If it happened in the middle or end of the season would it hurt as much as at the start of the season? I think a lot would depend on who that person was.

But is there one player who, if hit with the virus and lost for 2-3 weeks, would have a devastating impact on the team? What if new middle linebacker Joe Schobert was out? Would Myles Jack move back to the middle? Or maybe tight end Tyler Eifert goes down for a couple of weeks? I’m betting a lot of you went straight to quarterback Gardner Minshew, although I’m not sold on him. How would the fans feel about Mike Glennon starting a few games? No, I wouldn’t like that either.

And we shouldn’t just focus on players. What would the team do if head coach Doug Marrone missed any games? Or maybe offensive coordinator Jay Gruden. It’s his first year with the team, a new offense, and the offensive scheme. Losing Gruden would hurt.

Almost every position on the Jacksonville Jaguars roster has a backup. The two positions that really don’t have backups are kicker and punter. If Logan Cooke was to miss a couple of weeks does the team have anyone who could replace him? Or would they have to sign someone?

But the biggest hit would be if kicker Josh Lambo went down with an injury. His importance on the team cannot be understated. One missed extra point could be the difference in a game. Remember the second game last year in Houston? One field goal could win a game for the Jaguars. How different would the kickoff team be? How reliable would another kicker be? Could they kick it out of the end zone for a touchback?

And, if Josh was to contract the virus, would any other special teams players also be affected.

I’m hoping this does not become a serious issue for the team. But the one player the Jaguars cannot to lose is Josh Lambo. The other person is Gruden, especially at the beginning of the year when the team is implementing his system.

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