Grading the Jacksonville Jaguars last five first round draft picks

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The Jacksonville Jaguars have tried to make the most of their last five first-round draft picks. Some have panned out. Some we still question.

Oh, what could have been for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

While the past five draft classes have produced some of the best players in college football for this organization, it has not always translated to having that same kind of talent on the field. Let’s just say these past five seasons have been full of questions and controversy when commissioner Roger Goodell announced who the Jaguars were adding to their roster.

For every player on the list, which could have dated back to 2013 when general manager David Caldwell began his tenure here in Duval County, there have been plenty of questions why these players were selected.

Luke Joeckel over Lane Johnson in 2013 and Blake Bortles over Khalil Mack and Derek Carr in 2014 are two that stand out. There are others, who will be discussed in this slideshow.

What we can say is the three of the five first-round picks over the last five seasons are still on the roster. Two brought back draft picks that Caldwell and the front office hope will help shape the future of the organization moving forward.

The Jaguars have two first-round picks this season and 12 picks overall to make this roster better. Does Caldwell push all the right buttons? Can he find gems in the later rounds to fill positional depth? And since it is his draft room once again, will he take the “best player available” approach for a team that has many needs all over the field?

Here is a look at the past five first-round draft picks and grades for the selection.

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