5 Jacksonville Jaguars Players I’d want to be quarantined with

Which member of the Jacksonville Jaguars organization would you want to be quarantined with during the coronavirus pandemic? I came up with a few choices of my own.

While the world continues to take precautions due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, Jacksonville Jaguars and NFL fans alike wait until the football season begins. They are also on edge, waiting to see if the NFL Draft and OTAs begin on time, signaling the start of team preparation for the upcoming season.

The need to social-distance myself from friends and loved ones got me thinking about this self-quarantine I have imposed and how it has impacted me being away from society over the next couple of weeks. It also gave me a chance to think about sports figures I would want in my bunker if it was possible to pass the time away.

Here are five names I came up with.

Paul Posluszny

There are few football players that I admire as much as Paul Posluszny.

One of the most respected men in the history of the Jaguars organization, Posluszny played middle linebacker the way it should’ve been played. He’s a throwback to the 60s and 70s of hard-nosed football.

I met Posluszny at the beginning of the 2017 season. He became a go-to source for quotes and stories and always treated me with respect. That respect was mutual.

I tell a story about after the 2017 season and Jaguars had lost the AFC championship game, Posluszny and I walked out TIAA Bank Field on his final day as a Jaguar. I thanked him for helping me get through the season and he shook his hand. He thanked me for quoting him properly and making him look good.

It’s a memory I will always cherish. It’s also the reason why I chose him as part of this list.

Tony Khan

This one for me is personal. While Tony Khan is the son of team owner Shad Khan and the Senior Vice President of Football Technology & Analytics. He is somebody I want to discuss matters of a different sport with during my time in the bunker.

Khan owns All Elite Wrestling, a venture that includes Cody Rhodes, Arn Anderson, and Chris Jericho. While I am a huge fan of the NFL and the Jaguars, I am just as big a fan of professional wrestling. Watching matches as a child in the 1970s and 1980s I saw Rhodes’ father, the “American Dream“ Dusty Rhodes in epic battles in the squared circle.

Sure, it would be great to talk to Khan about how he and his father decided to buy the Jaguars in 2011, but I’m pretty sure he and I would enjoy conversations about his wrestling promotion and what I remember as one of the golden ages of the business growing up.

Calais Campbell

The Mayor of Sacksonville has to be on this list. Calais Campbell was the leader of the Jaguars from the moment he signed his free-agent contract in 2017. There might not be a better free agent signing in the franchise’s 26-year history.

The man who made Yannick Ngakoue and Josh Allen better football players, it is Campbell whose spirit was one of the key components in the team’s playoff run of 2017. And when the man with baritone voice would yell DUUUVAL, you knew it was time to get down to business.

Now, he is a member of the Baltimore Ravens chasing a Super Bowl ring.

His enthusiasm is a much-needed element in a time like this. He is inspirational with a strong conviction. Plus, after the many times, we have talked in the Jaguars locker room, his stories about his life experiences are well worth a listen over and over again.

Jaxson de Ville

Yes, the team’s mascot is one of the greatest characters in NFL history. The biggest cat of them all, Curtis Dvorak made Jaxson de Ville as big a part of the Jaguars history as the players who stepped on the field.

From 1995 to 20015, Dvorak was the man underneath the costume with his death-defying feats and his ornery self. He incited crowds, he angered the opposition and he rallied our fans when they were needed the most.

de Ville is also a fixture on television here in town on “First Coast Living”. He is constant entertainment and always good for a laugh or two. And maybe I could coax him to put the catsuit on one more time.

The only problem I might have with him is convincing him not to repel from any part of the dwelling the two of us will be quarantined in.

Gardner Minshew

Uncle Rico, himself. Is there anyone on the Jaguars current roster who is as popular or is as mainstream than the man who brought “Minshew Mania” to Jacksonville?

Whether it is the jorts, the bandana, the solid 1970’s vibe or the killer beard, nothing screams more awesomeness than Gardner Minshew. And for those reasons, I’d love to share a few days of brotherhood and camaraderie.

When Minshew was drafted by the Jaguars in the sixth round last season, he was with friends and family playing a game of cornhole. I supposed we’d have to bring the game along for the ride. His stories of playing football in college are already the stuff of lore.

As a second-year player in the NFL and now “the man” to corral the Jaguars offense, I’d love to get some insight as to what the man with the mustache machismo thinks about the upcoming season.

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