Jacksonville Jaguars: Does signing Andy Dalton make more sense now?

Would the Jaguars consider signing veteran Andy Dalton to improve the quarterback room but also create competition for Gardner Minshew?

There has been plenty of conversation this week after the Jacksonville Jaguars made the decision to trade Nick Foles regarding the backup quarterback spot with the team.

Playing second fiddle to Gardner Minshew may be a tall task given the outcry by the majority of the fan base to make the second-year rising star the fixture at the position. Josh Dobbs is the only other arm on the roster. There are plenty of possible moves the team can make in free agency and potentially the NFL Draft. Also, there may be more intrigue in who fills the No. 2 role now than just this past week when the team had two solid starters on the roster.

And from the looks of things, there could be a few interesting scenarios the Jaguars could face trying to find a dependable backup. Minshew is one good hit away from leaving the team in peril at the position. Finding the right player to step in, if needed, now becomes a little more important this offseason.

As I wrote earlier this week here on Black and Teal, “General manager David Caldwell, director of player personnel Trent Baalke and head coach Doug Marrone are banking on the success Minshew showed last year to carry over into the 2020 season.

“That also means it’s a good bet the organization will once again be going through growing pains and a good bet that the changes that are being made will buy both Marrone and Caldwell another year here in Jacksonville through 2021.”

Minshew must deliver, but he must also have players who can step in and fill other roles at wide receiver and tight end. Depth at running back is also an issue. The offensive line needs more depth and a possible starter or two. You get the picture – the offense is still a work in progress for the Jaguars.

My colleague Dylan Streibig over at Strype Hype here on FanSided.com believes the Jaguars are now the team that will bring in Andy Dalton. It’s a conversation I have had with other analysts the past couple of months. Would the veteran, who is also on shortlists for other quarterback openings, be the right fit in a new offense?

“No one disputes that Dalton can win games in this league, with 70 victories under his belt. Even if it is not much, a player like that has value and it is unlikely that he will just be released. Dalton is exactly the kind of guy the Jags current regime needs to possibly save their jobs,” Striebig writes.

I’m not sure how this would play out as Dalton’s experience with the Jaguars’ new offensive coordinator Jay Gruden is certainly a plus, but the veteran can still play, which means there would still be a competition to start here in Jacksonville. The same could be said if the front office brought in Jameis Winston or another veteran – even Blake Bortles.

Another alternative is the NFL Draft where the Jaguars now have 12 picks to use for maneuverability. Could one of the prized passers slip, enabling the team to use ammunition to move up and get another signal-caller who may have better skills than Minshew?

It could mean there is still a quarterback controversy in Jacksonville. It hasn’t happened yet, but making a decision to sign Dalton may be the kind of move that stirs the team’s pot a little quicker than it needs to be stirred.

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