The Jaguars will have a new West Coast offense in 2020


Will Jay Gruden and Ben McAdoo be capable of turning the Jaguars into a team with an NFL caliber offense?

The Jaguars offense has been abysmal for years. There were some bright spots but the team just hasn’t scored enough points to be competitive. Even the productive 2017 team was basically led by the defense.

Change is in the air and there are some new coaches in town and both are experts on the offensive side of the ball. Ben McAdoo, endorsed by Aaron Rodgers, will be the quarterback coach. Jay Gruden (yes he is the brother of Jon but very much his own man) will be the offensive coordinator.

If these two seasoned veteran coaches can park their egos and work as a team, I think the Jaguars offense could be very good in 2020.

McAdoo has a strong resume including quarterback coach and tight ends coach for the Green Bay Packers from 2006-20013. He headed to the New York Giants and was the offensive coordinator in 2014-15 and head coach in 2016-17. He brought an up-tempo, attacking, no-huddle, West Coast offense to the team.

His issue with the Giants was play-calling and a  predictable offense.

“Wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.’s “revelation” about the Giants’ predictable offense shouldn’t come as a surprise to readers,” writes Dan Duggan of “We spent all last season documenting the Giants’ painfully predictable attack. Coach Ben McAdoo and players could brush off that harsh reality then because the defense carried the team to an 11-5 record.”

Hopefully, that won’t be the case here with the Jaguars. Jacksonville averaged a woeful 18.8 points a contest in 2019.

“McAdoo brought Mike McCarthy’s West Coast offense from Green Bay. It seems obvious that having the most talented quarterback of this generation, Aaron Rodgers, is the main reason for Green Bay’s offensive success,” Duggan added. “Similarly, McAdoo has benefited from having a generational talent in Beckham.”

The Jaguars don’t have a Rodgers or Beckham on the roster, but they do have some weapons on offense that could continue to develop in Gardner Minshew, Leonard Fournette and DJ Chark in 2020 with the right game plan.

The good news is that McAdoo will return to his success as a quarterbacks coach and leave the play calling and scheme to Gruden. He is a successful quarterback coach and has two experienced guys to coach.

Gruden comes to the Jaguars with a solid resume. He started coaching in the NFL as the offensive coordinator for the Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals went to three straight playoff appearances and Andy Dalton was considered a rising quarterback. He moved on to the Washington Redskins as the team’s head coach and led them to two winning seasons. He was instrumental in the development of Kirk Cousins.

Sadly it was downhill after that.

Per Doug Farrar from a story on Bleacher Report, “Gruden is a West Coast offense coach at his roots; one would expect nothing less from Jon Gruden’s brother. You’ll see all kinds of screens and short angle routes in the Redskins playbook. But Gruden is not shy about utilizing his receivers in different ways.”

Using the speed the Jaguars have on the outside and in the slot should open the offense more in 2020. There are capable players on the field who could shine of the offense can utilize more short and intermediate pass plays. The fact is that Gruden is capable of making changes and coming up with creative plays to complement his basic offense.  This will be a welcome change from our previous coaches whose rigidity hurt the team.

The offense will change to a more modern scheme no matter who is the starting quarterback.  It is good to note that both coaches are advocates of a similar system and should be able to work together. Finally, both coaches are returning to jobs in which they were very successful. These hires are good news for the Jaguars’ future.

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