Jaguars: Predicting the team’s record after the bye week

Josh Allen #41 of the Jacksonville Jaguars forces a fumble by Marcus Mariota #8 (Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images)
Josh Allen #41 of the Jacksonville Jaguars forces a fumble by Marcus Mariota #8 (Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images) /

The Jaguars finished their first half of the NFL season at 4-5 and still a part of the AFC playoff picture. What will their record be after 16 games?

The first half of the 2019 NFL schedule was not kind of the Jaguars. Looking at the games remaining, things look a little better.

No one can predict how a team will play years in advance as the schedule is predetermined by the NFL, but if there was a reason for Jaguars fans to be optimistic, it should be because all seven opponents remaining on the schedule can be beaten. It would be a miracle if Jacksonville ran the table, but I have heard there are fans out there who think that can happen.

If by some miracle of chance the Jaguars reeled off seven wins and marched into the playoffs, this town would lose its mind. It would also make the staff here at Black and Teal very happy.

Here is a look at how we see the remainder of the season shaping up with our predictions for the team’s record at the end of the regular season.

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Kathy Clark – The Jaguars currently have a 4-5 record and have seven opponents left to play.  The Buccaneers and Falcons are in a pit of misery so that is two wins.  We play the Colts twice and will win one. So we split with the Colts. That leaves us with three games against similar opponents.  If we win one of those games our record is 8-8 and if we win two it’s 9-7.

Always the optimist but not crazy I will predict 8-8.

Jesse Overby – I had the Jaguars at 5-4 after nine games in my pre-season predictions, so 4-5 isn’t bad. However, I had them there with Nick Foles starting the whole time so getting there with a rookie quarterback is pretty good. I had them going 10-6 on the season.

With Nick Foles back under center, there’s a chance they get to 9-7, but that won’t get them a division because they’re already two games behind the Texans and Houston has the tiebreaker. I don’t know that 9-7 will get them into the playoffs.

The Jaguars fans need to be prepared for another disappointing season.

Lorenzino Estrada – I believe that Jaguars will end their season with an 9-7 record. The team has favorable matchups in the last half of the season with teams like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Los Angeles Chargers and Atlanta Falcons.

Foles is credited with great performances at the end of the season, but this team is in a hole to start the run. The end of the season will definitely have fans rooting for other teams if the Jags want to get in.

Jennifer Shatzer – With Nick Foles coming back as starting quarterback, the rest of this season will look a lot different. Foles is a second half of the season signal-caller. I believe he has it in him to get us through the rest of the season with some amazing results.

The rest of the team will need to rally around him and let him take the helm. If that happens the rest of the season could be magical. I believe the Jaguars can go 10-6 for the season.

David Levin – I cannot help but think of this Jaguars team being a bit magical as they come back from the bye week. Foles takes over at quarterback after a solid showing by Gardner Minshew. The running game has been good and could get better. The wide receivers have been better than advertised.

Now, it’s time to do more.

Look for the defense to play better against teams that aren’t as imposing on paper as the Jaguars first half of the season. I think Jacksonville can make a serious run toward the playoffs. Five wins in the last seven games is not unheard of. I’ll say 9-7.

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