Predicting the Jacksonville Jaguars 2019 record

As the Jacksonville Jaguars 2019 season is only a few months away, we took a look at the team’s schedule and predict their win total.

For the start of the Jacksonville Jaguars 2019 regular season, it is now T-minus four months and counting.

Free agency has passed. The team’s picks in the NFL Draft are fresh on everyone’s minds and now the Jaguars are involved in voluntary workouts and preparing for OTAs later this month. The NFL is back in full swing and like 31 other teams, Jacksonville is hoping to end this season in Miami at Super Bowl 54.

There is plenty of buzz once again of a team looking to rebound from a 5-11 record 2018 and a loss season of hope. Things look better on paper. Whether that will translate to success on the field is to be determined. Hopefully, Nick Foles at quarterback and a healthy Leonard Fournette running the football will help immensely.

Here is a look at how we here at Black and Teal see Jacksonville’s record shaking out.

Anthony Robertson – Last season Jacksonville came into the year with optimism coming off an AFC Championship appearance. This year it seems so different with so many questions to be answered. The team improved a bit over the offseason, but Jacksonville has a tough schedule. Their record can vary anywhere from 5-11 to 11-5. Winning in our division will be crucial.
My prediction: 8-8

Lorenzino Estrada – The addition of Nick Foles greatly improves the Jaguars’ expected win total for the 2019 season. Now with the help of a competent quarterback, the Jaguars offense — now with a healthy offensive line and running back — will vastly help one of the best defenses in the NFL get back to its 2017 form. The Jaguars have the luxury of playing some of the best teams in the NFL in Duval County, which should tilt those games in their favor. Prediction: 10-6.

Kathy Clark – The 2019 Jaguars season is fast approaching.  We have a new quarterback and should have a healthy offensive line. However, the defense has great starters but little depth. The schedule is very challenging. The defense must not be on the field as much as last season and the offense must score more points. The AFC South is a very strong division.  Prediction: 9-7.

Tony Sottile – I’m not sold on Foles being ‘great’, but I think the combination of him being ‘consistently OK’ and a much deeper running back room will be able to keep the defense off the field and will allow them to get back to their dominant 2016 ways. Prediction: 10-6 and host the W/C in the playoffs.

Jennifer Grantham – I have great enthusiasm for the season but realistic expectations. Foles is excited to be here and to lead his own team. Josh Allen will be a part of Sacksonville and we will have a lot to cheer for from the stands. Prediction: 13-3.

Mufaso Sends – With the Jaguars getting to host the Chargers, I believe the Jaguars bring home a continued run of wins, though still struggling with the Titans. Look for a defense that resembles 2017 due to an offense that… really works. Prediction: 11-5.

Jess Overby – If the Jaguars’ offensive line plays more as they did in 2017 then the Jaguars should compete for the division title again. Their non-divisional opponents are more formidable this year with the Chiefs visiting Week 1, Drew Brees coming to town in Week 6, and Philip Rivers back in town on Week 14. I believe the Jaguars will win the division, including two more losses to Tennessee. Prediction: 10-6.

David Levin – It’s a hard schedule. The NFL did the team no favors. The defense should be tough and hopefully better than last season. The offense can only get better. If it does not, everyone on the coaching staff and in the front office may be in serious trouble.

If I look at the AFC South right now, I believe the Jaguars are the third-best team. I’m a fan first who is a realist. The division should be better this season, which means splitting rivalry games will be tough. In the end, I cannot see Jacksonville as a playoff team – yet. Prediction: 8-8.