2018 free agent options for the Jacksonville Jaguars


The Jacksonville Jaguars look at free agents in March to help the team. The free agent class is a little thin on talent this year but some hidden gems are out there. Let’s play General Manager and make some important decisions.

The Jacksonville Jaguars made excellent decisions on free agents in the past years.  These additions molded a winning team. However growth must be made every year to remain competitive.  Where to start?

Free agent or draft needs are in the following areas.  First the quarterback need. This is as a backup and/or a possible young talent as a project.  Next, as always, the offensive line.  Tight end is another area of need.  Finally, wide receiver because no franchise tag was placed on Allen Robinson, and he could leave in free agency.


The commitment is to Blake Bortles for the 2018 season.  As a result, the Jaguars don’t need a starter.  However the Jaguars need a reliable backup.  Chad Henne is not on the list of available free agent quarterbacks but it is time to move on from him.  A different back-up and mentor to Bortles brings fresh ideas to the offense.  The choices for a journeyman backup are Ryan Fitzpatrick and Josh McCown.  Although they are not exciting they are seasoned, and used to being backups.  An intriguing choice is Mike Glennon.  He bombed with the Chicago Bears but the team talent and coaching didn’t give him a fair chance. Glennon provides competition at the quarterback position.

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Offensive line

The best available offensive lineman is guard Andrew Norwell.  He played for the Carolina Panthers in 2017. He is young and highly regarded.  At the same time though, Norwell commands a high salary. He is a fascinating player and answers a strong need for the Jaguars.

Tight End

Marcedes Lewis is the only experienced tight end on the Jaguars roster.  There is a list of tight ends currently available as free agents.  However, my choice is Trey Burton of the Philadelphia Eagles.  He is a former University of Florida player. (Best reason!)  He was recruited to UF as a quarterback, and as a result has wide knowledge of offensive football.  Burton plays H-back, and plays in the shotgun.  He is versatile and doesn’t command a huge salary.

Wide Receiver

This position is now a position of need.  The potential loss of Allen Robinson and Marqise Lee leaves a very young and inexperienced group.  The list of free agents is not promising.  In fact two of the top four are Robinson and Lee.  Another top receiver is Sammy Watkins. Watkins could be a pricey option.  Consequently, the best choice is to resign either Robinson or Lee.


The Jaguars have cap space available.  Even so, they aren’t a cash rich team.  I tried to find interesting choices that don’t cost a great deal of money.  Free agent signings determine the choices made in the draft.  The signings begin in less than a week.  Go Jaguars!