Peter King lists Mason Rudolph as a ‘need’ for the Jacksonville Jaguars

STILLWATER, OK - NOVEMBER 04: Quarterback Mason Rudolph
STILLWATER, OK - NOVEMBER 04: Quarterback Mason Rudolph /

Mason Rudolph continues to be a hot name associated with the Jacksonville Jaguars in April’s NFL draft.

When the 2018 league year officially kicks off in March, the clock will begin on whether the Jacksonville Jaguars make moves to land a potential big splash free agent quarterback like Kirk Cousins, or turn to the draft to select a quarterback for the future.

Peter King, longtime writer currently with, made his guesses on where quarterbacks in both free agency and the draft will end up in 2018 in his weekly “Monday Morning QB” column. Along with making picks on where the quarterbacks land, King also rated the necessity of the pairings using four levels: Desperate need, significant need, need, and keeping their eyes open.

When it comes to the Jaguars, King thinks Mason Rudolph from Oklahoma State is a fit in Jacksonville, and rates the potential match as simply a “need”. King states that the team “will say all the right things about Blake Bortles” in the offseason, but must reinforce the position.

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My guess is that the Jaguars would have been filed under either the “desperate” or “significant” categories before the deep run in the playoffs last season. But within that trip to the AFC Championship game, Bortles made plays to help the team end up just short of a trip to the Super Bowl.

But still, the ceiling is known for Bortles, and while that’s not necessarily a bad thing, Jacksonville absolutely does need to have a plan in place if/when the Bortles era comes to an end.

If no free agent signing is made at quarterback, the Jaguars can not afford to not address the issue early in the draft. At pick 29 in round one, Mason Rudolph is likely to still be on the board, giving the team a critical decision to make.