Jacksonville Jaguars will reportedly unveil new uniforms for 2018 and beyond

JACKSONVILLE, FL - DECEMBER 10: Dede Westbrook /

After taking on a bold look in 2013, the Jacksonville Jaguars are presumably working on a fresh uniform heading into 2018.

The NFL has always generally been a league of simple, traditional designs. But the Jacksonville Jaguars were essentially the test subject of more flashy, modern uniforms back in 2013. For the last five seasons the Jaguars have had the unique distinction of wearing two-toned helmets, fading from black to gold.

But it appears as though Jacksonville is ready to update the entire ensemble, helmet included.

Along with going back to a basic all-black helmet, the Jaguars are also ready to bring more teal back to the uniforms. Whether that means making teal jerseys the norm again or just having teal greater accented in the details will have to be seen, but the team is apparently focused on bringing the color back to a more prominent role.

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Before the current set was rolled out back in ’13, teal had always been the featured look, and the most recognizable Jaguars color. But when Shad Khan took over as team owner, he preferred black taking over as the dominant color. It will be interesting to see if Khan has taken note of many fans clamoring for teal to make its triumphant return, and goes back to a look resembling yesteryear.

My thoughts

Would hear no complaints from me if the Jaguars do decide to make teal the home uniform again. Even with the current design, to me the best combination that Jacksonville has worn has been the ‘Forever Teal’ alternate that made two appearances this season.

As for the helmet, two-tone applies to both the color scheme, and my feelings towards it. I enjoyed the uniqueness of the helmet, but always felt the actual execution was underwhelming. So going back to all-black, if that turns out to be the case, would also not be a problem.

When new uniforms are introduced, the unveiling usually occurs in April, specifically before the draft so that the new jersey is available for the team’s first round pick to hold up after hearing his name called.