Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Arizona Cardinals: Friday Fact or Fiction for Week 12

CLEVELAND, OH - NOVEMBER 19: Telvin Smith /
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CLEVELAND, OH – NOVEMBER 19: Telvin Smith /

The season of exorcising demons continues for the Jacksonville Jaguars as they head to Arizona to face former quarterback Blaine Gabbert.

As the 2016 regular season painfully crawled to an end, it became clear the Jaguars needed to make wholesale leadership changes.

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Cue the entrance music for executive vice president of football operations Tom Coughlin.

While you can’t credit Coughlin for all of the success the team has had, he’s represented a complete 180 on two failed eras the Jaguars have finally recovered from.

The first was the Blaine Gabbert era, which could also be coined the Gene Smith era. The Jaguars moved up in the first round, essentially spending a first and a second round pick on Gabbert. What ensued was maybe the worst stretch of quarterback play in the history of the NFL, as Gabbert failed to progress at all in his time as a Jaguar.

The second was the Gus Bradley era, something that’s still fresh on our mind as Bradley left Jacksonville with the worst winning percentage in the modern history of the NFL.

The Jaguars hosted the Los Angeles Chargers, Bradley’s new team, and handed the former head coach a painful loss.

Now they head to Arizona to try to do the same to Blaine Gabbert.

Hopefully things will be much easier against the Blaine train.

So what’s going to happen this week? Will Blaine Gabbert finally put it all together in his big revenge game? Or will the Jacksonville defense smother the former first round pick like they have every other quarterback?  Click ahead to read my notorious, always correct predictions for week 12: