Jacksonville Jaguars vs. New York Jets: A very frustrating game

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - OCTOBER 01: Leonard Fournette
EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - OCTOBER 01: Leonard Fournette /

The Jaguars went to New York and played a very eventful but frustrating game against the Jets.  The game ran the gamut of emotions from totally excited to totally frustrated. It ended with a winning field goal by the Jets near the end of overtime.

The Jaguars played an up and down but frustrating game in New York today.  There were some good moments, some bad moments, and some ugly moments.  Amazingly, the teams were very evenly matched and there were moments to cheer for both sets of fans.  Unfortunately, there were moments to groan in disbelief for both sides.  The Jets finally kicked a winning field goal near the end of overtime.  Suddenly the game was over.


To start the  first drive was almost perfect. The Jags marched down the field and scored a touchdown. Also, Leonard Fournette proved once again why he was a first round draft choice.  He ran against eight man fronts all day long and still managed some positive yards.  Next, Miles Jack grabbed a fumble on a lateral and ran it 80+ yards for a defensive touchdown. In addition, the punter Nortman had several very impressive punts. Finally,Dante Fowler had several very exciting plays and AJ Bouye had an interception.

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The Jaguars defense just didn’t have a good day. For starters, Josh McCown completed a large percentage of his passes.  Also, the Jets had two very long and several medium length runs right up the middle.  Their o line was opening huge holes for the running game. The Jaguars o line did not open many holes for the running game and did not protect Bortles very well.  Additionally, Marquise Lee dropped one pass in overtime and muffed a punt as well.  Aurelius Benn held on what would have been a Leonard Fournette touchdown.  In addition, he had an illegal block in the back during a punt return in overtime. The offensive coordinator did not put Fournette in on third and short plays.


There is no doubt that Blake Bortles had one of his worst games.  His passes were wobbly, his footwork was poor, he was back to his long windup prior to passing, his passes were very inaccurate, and he did not audible his team into winning plays.  The TV announcers had many comments about his poor play. Bortles is not an NFL caliber quarterback.  There I said it


The Jets and Jags appeared to be evenly matched.  Both are losers looking to turn their franchises around.  I must confess that I thought Bortles was a better quarterback than McCown.  I was wrong.  The coaches need to take a good long look at what they are doing.  They keep running Fournette up the middle into an eight man front.  Sadly, he will get injured if this continues.  It is time to quit playing the game to protect Blake Bortles.