Leonard Fournette Q&A: “I’m Aiming For A Rookie Season Super Bowl Title”

(Mandatory credit/Photo by Tyler DePina and published with express permission)
(Mandatory credit/Photo by Tyler DePina and published with express permission) /

No. 4 overall pick for the Jacksonville Jaguars, Leonard Fournette, has a lot to say about this up and coming season

Leonard Fournette was drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars with the fourth overall pick back in April. Shortly after, the 6-foot 226-pound power back from LSU signed a four-year contract worth over $27 million, instantly making him one of the highest paid players in the NFL.

However, it is what Fournette has done outside of the league that has garnered recent attention.

Fournette teamed up with his sports nutrition sponsor, MET-Rx to find a way to give back to the local Jacksonville community. The two created a “Trophies” campaign to donate a brand new weight set to the Raines High School Football team, in Jacksonville, Florida.

However, this isn’t your typical weight set. The donated weights are composed of pieces of Leonard Fournette’s old trophies. With the tons and tons of trophies Fournette has earned throughout his high school and college years, he decided to find a better use for them rather than collecting dust in his trophy case. With the help of MET-Rx, the donated trophies were completely dismantled and broken up. From there they were melted down and crafted into a brand new, custom weight set that was then donated to Raines High School. The one of a kind weight set was a true piece of craftsmanship unlike ever seen before.

With the help of MET-Rx, I was able to acquire an exclusive one-on-one interview with Leonard Fournette to talk about his “trophies” campaign and his upcoming rookie season.

1. What inspires you to go out of your way and make generous donations, such as the one you made to Jacksonville’s Raines High School?

"I’m just a giving person. I always think, why people don’t give back, or what’s their purpose or plan? I don’t want to be like those guys you know? I want to be different, I want to give back to my community, I want to give back to guys who look up to a lot of people. When I was younger, I looked up to a lot of guys who I thought would give back, but never did. I want to be a person who people look up to. You have all this money, but you don’t want to give back. I want to be different. I just want the best for others."

2. Tell us a little bit about MET-RX and how it has helped you through preparing for the upcoming NFL season.

"I gotta tell you, it’s really a blessing to join the family at Met-RX. Basically its helped me with my working out habits. I’m focused on whats next. I’ve gotten to be the #4 pick in the draft, and now my main focus is on whats next to come. To me, that’s a great slogan to be on. When those guys, like myself, win so many championships and all those awards and honors, I’m always thinking, what’s next? There’s more. We also did a great thing by giving my old trophies to Raines High school. Instead of my trophies collecting dust or just sitting there at home, why not put them to greater use? I think we did a great job of setting a great example and showing them off to people, and hopefully my hard work can pay off in other ways too."

3. What are some of the things you have been doing to stay in shape for the upcoming NFL season?

"I’ve been running. Running all day and night nonstop. I’ve been working hard on my abs as well. I feel like I have my high school body back. I’m 206 now, and I’m just feeling great."

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4. What are some of your main goals that you look forward to accomplishing during training camp?

"Training camp, I’m just look forward to going out there and competing, I love it. That’s it. It’s like I’m a freshman all over again in college. Gonna go out there and compete against those guys, and try to win the spot."

5. What do you like the most so far about the city of Jacksonville?

"Jacksonville is really big and there’s always something going on. Anytime my family comes in town there’s always stuff to do. You know, I might go to top golf sometimes. I’ve never golfed in my life until I got to Jacksonville, but I’m really starting to like it. I like trying new things out. Other than that, I will study the playbook or watch some football as well. It’s either top golf, working out, running, training, or whatever the case may be."

6. Last but not least, what are some of your biggest goals for your rookie campaign?

"I have three goals; One, do whatever the team needs me to do to win. That’s what it’s all about. Two, I want to get the NFL rushing title my rookie year. Last but most importantly, I’m aiming for a rookie season Super Bowl title. That’s the plan."