Jacksonville Jaguars have the pieces in place for a Super Bowl

GLENDALE, AZ - OCTOBER 04: Defensive end Calais Campbell
GLENDALE, AZ - OCTOBER 04: Defensive end Calais Campbell /

It has been a decade since the Jacksonville Jaguars last got above .500, but the pieces may be in place for a Super Bowl if Calais Campbell and Malik Jackson are to be believed.

Hot off a prediction of .500 from USA Today and a decade removed from getting above that mark, the Jacksonville Jaguars faithful may not have their eyes on the Lombardi Trophy. In fact, many are simply praying the Jags can keep their nose above water.

Two players with some experience winning think otherwise.

When Malik Jackson said the Jags could win a Super Bowl, it mattered. Jackson knows a thing or two about doing just that after carrying old man Peyton Manning with some dominant defense. Jackson was critical in that Super Bowl win and getting the team there.

Now, Calais Campbell – a player who has been to a Super Bowl – has come on board and is in agreement. “From what I can see all the pieces are in place,” Campbell said in reference to a Super Bowl for the Jaguars (per ESPN’s Michael DiRocco).

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These bold statements are likely not just veteran leaders trying to inspire teammates who have not seen the same level of success. The Jaguars have been far from optimistic since executive vice president Tom Coughlin came to town and new head coach Doug Marrone has not shied away from saying that the team is far from competitive.

Yet the right pieces may finally be in place. Years after general manager Dave Caldwell declared the team “built,” the team may finally be getting there. While it looks more like a solid foundation than a finished product, seeing the Jaguars in the Super Bowl is becoming at least a hazy vision.

Just don’t expect it this year. For now, let’s focus on .500.