Can Blake Bortles continue to remain Healthy for the Jacksonville Jaguars?

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Since joining the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2014 quarterback Blake Bortles hasn’t missed a game. Can he continue to stay healthy?

Blake Bortles has fought through injury as the number one quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Even this past season, as noted in ESPN by Michael DiRocco, he played through a slightly separated shoulder and right wrist tendinitis. These injuries highlight Bortles willingness to play through pain.

This willingness was also displayed with quotes from Bortles from after his rookie season in 2015. An article from Dan Hanzus of mentioned his arm had “deteriorated” from use after his rookie season. Bortles has shown his ability to play through injury to remain ready for game day.

Over the last three seasons Bortles has taken one hundred and forty sacks by opposing defenses. These injuries, hurries, and hits have impacted Bortles’ performance. As he enters his fourth year, Bortles completion percentage has never cracked 58.9%.

This season there are a few keys to help keep Bortles healthy and avoid injury. The Jags offensive line will help determine the health and success of Bortles’ play. Additions to the offensive line in the form of Branden Albert and Cam Robinson will help solidify the line. This in turn will help keep Bortles from taking unneeded hits.

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Another way Bortles can help avoid injury is to take advantage of his running backs and wide receivers. The Jaguars have a talent at the skill positions. Wide receivers Allen Robinson, Allen Hurns, and Marquise Lee are reliable and talented. Running backs T.J. Yeldon and Leonard Fournette also highlight the toughness at the running back position.

Quick passes on slant routes to wide receivers and screens to running backs will help avoid risky hits that Bortles has been accustomed too. Also getting the ball into these talented players hands will also help ensure the success of the team.

As the regular season draws closer each day the Jags will continue to support Bortles. A revamped offensive line to avoid hits. And making the best use of talent at the skill positions will help keep Bortles healthy this year. Entering the 2017 season Bortles health is one a top priority of the Jags.