Opinion: Jamaal Charles Would be an Awesome Addition to the Jacksonville Jaguars Offense


Jamaal Charles became a free agent this week after Kansas City released him. Adding Charles would make for an awesome Jacksonville Jaguars offense.

Jamaal Charles was released this week by the Kansas City Chiefs. He has played in eight games the last two seasons due to injuries. Consequently, he might not be able to demand a top dollar salary on the free market. Adding Charles would make for an awesome Jacksonville Jaguars offense.

The Jaguars should consider the past NFL players which changed positions. Frank Gifford moved to receiver after being a running back.  Bobby Mitchell played running back next to Jim Brown. He moved to flanker in Washington. While playing running back for most of their careers, the move to receiver prolonged them.

In Kansas City, Charles was the home run threat due to his speed. He could score from any position on the field.  How awesome would he be as a Jaguars receiver?

The Awesome Things Jamaal Charles Would Add to the Jaguars Offense

First, Charles is the perfect fourth receiver in a four receiver set.  He and Allen Robinson will vertically stretch any defense. As a result, Marqise Lee and Allen Hurns will be open underneath.

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Second, Charles creates a mismatch while motioning out from the backfield.  There is not a linebacker that can cover him. He is the most awesome fifth receiver in this formation.

Third, Charles makes it easier for the tight end to run open. Either split him out, put him as a slot receiver or motion him out of the backfield because all eyes are on him not the tight end. His value as a receiver will open opportunities to throw to the tight end.

Jamaal Charles might be finished as a featured running back but his career is not over, he simply needs to be used creatively. Jacksonville should do everything possible to sign Charles. Then the Jaguars should move him into a receiver spot. Utilizing his abilities, Charles should be able to extend his career and help lead the Jaguars offense for a playoff run.