The Jacksonville Jaguars “have absolutely no idea what they’re doing”


According to some NFL executives the Jacksonville Jaguars and other struggling franchises “have absolutely no idea what they’re doing” causing a bit of a stir following the uninspiring regime change for the team.

Greg Bedard brought forward disappointing news for Jacksonville Jaguars; having interviewed some NFL executives from successful franchises on what to make of struggling franchise’s changes, the results weren’t pretty. From Bedard’s article, the Jags quickly jumped to the forefront:

"“They’ve made a lot of money in business, but it’s incredible to me how far out of their depth they really are on this,” said one executive. “They have absolutely no idea what they’re doing. Look at Jacksonville. They keep Marrone—I mean, he was an assistant head coach on that team the past two years [8–24], was he not?—and say he’s by far the best candidate. After speaking to McDaniels, Shanahan and Mike Smith? Are you kidding? He was obviously the best candidate to give that whole group another shot at proving they put together a good team and quarterback. Bulletin: They’re not that good, it wasn’t Gus’s fault. And then, after hiring Marrone, the owner hires Tom Coughlin to oversee everything. Basically he’s telling [GM] Dave [Caldwell] what to do? How else is that going? I don’t know. I think that most of these places are screwed up.”"

That’s about as damning as you can make it. Despite sugar coating the move here at B&T and being the loyal fans that want the move to succeed, it’s clear that you can take the hiring very differently. Replacing a struggling head coach with much of the same staff can definitely be seen as a head-scratcher.

When there were so many coaches perceived to be great hires available, why didn’t the Jags go with someone that could make a splash and create a clear departure from the past? It’s an important question that can only be answered by trusting in the analysis of Tom Coughlin and the consultants hired to find the next head coach. They must have found something, anything that said Doug Marrone and Co. were worth hanging onto.

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That faith in the legendary Coughlin isn’t completely blind, but it is important to note that it shouldn’t be followed without questioning. The Jags haven’t been good for a while and the team deserves some skepticism at this point. Jags fans haven’t seen a functional team in a long while and the franchise’s decision to essentially say “sure, let’s keep doing the same thing” is off-putting.

The big takeaway from Bedard’s article – or more specifically the conversations with the executives – is that owners are morons. It was apparently moronic for Jags owner Shad Khan to do things this way and it was moronic of the other struggling franchises to do the same thing.

At this point we simply don’t know how it will work out. It’s early and the entire process will be judged by the win-loss column in 2017 and beyond. Early pronouncements of failure or success are often wrong.


Still, when top executives are saying the Jags did this whole thing incorrectly, it starts to make one wonder.