Jacksonville Jaguars Will Find Success with Doug Marrone


Jacksonville Jaguars new head coach Doug Marrone will help lead team to best record in recent years.

First off I would like to point out the bar has not been set very high. In four years Gus Bradley failed to break five wins in each of those seasons. However there are signs that new Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Doug Marrone can help the Jags win more headed into the 2017 season.

One benefit Marrone has heading into his first full season as head coach is a disruptive defense. The Jags seemed to find a groove under defensive coordinator Todd Wash late in the season. Defensive rookies Jalen Ramsey and Yannick Ngakoue were a big part of that. Heading into their first full offseason, Ramsey and Ngakoue will only be getting better.  Linebacker Telvin Smith has also been getting better each season, entering his fourth year he looks to take control of a talented Jags defensive unit. The defensive line led by Malik Jackson has also helped lead the Jags to a top defense. Leaning on the defense will help coach Marrone move forward and direct his attention to help fix the offense.

Another benefit Marrone has is the  recent hire of Tom Coughlin as executive vice president of football operations. He will bring his championship experience and with that comes stability and a sense of accountability to a young Jags roster. Coughlin has already helped revamp the coaching staff with hires of special teams coordinator Joe DeCamillis, running back coach Tryone Wheatley, and defensive line coach Marion Hobby. Each bring a new focus on winning that will help guide the team moving forward. Marrone has the support in place to take the roster and develop players with coaches that have won before. Marrone needs to lean on their experience to get the Jags in a position to win consistently.

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The last benefit that will help coach Marrone will be the play of the AFC South. In recent years the Jags have been unable to find themselves in the playoff race. However this division is winnable. Taking advantage of these divisional matchups in the 2017 season will be the difference between the Jags making or missing the playoffs next season.

Doug Marrone has the ability, players, and opportunity to lead the Jags to a winning record. Of all the changes this offseason one of the biggest could be the amount of wins for the Jags headed into the 2017 season.