Jacksonville Jaguars: Third catch is a winning catch for Arrelious Benn

Arrelious Benn‘s third reception of the season proved to be the game winner on Sunday.  Benn’s speed carried him into the end zone past the Chicago Bears secondary.

Wide receiver Arrelious Benn made the play of his career for the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 6.

His 51-yard touchdown reception proved to be spectacular.

Originally drafted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2010, he was traded to the Philadelphia Eagles in 2013.  An ACL injury sidelined Benn and, ultimately, he was released in 2014.  The Jaguars signed Benn in 2015, cut him in 2016 and re-signed him.

Benn is listed deep down the depth chart, coming in behind stud Allen Robinson and returner Rashad Greene.  Greene was listed as inactive for the game.  Consequently, this placed Benn into the receiving rotation.  As a result, he made the best of his opportunity.

On second down and ten, Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles lines up in the shotgun.  Arrelious Benn is the single receiver to his right, in addition to three receivers to his left.  With less than three minutes on the clock, the ball is snapped to Bortles.

Three Elements Of The Game Winning Play.

First, the offensive line gives Bortles time to throw.  He has time to go though his progressions without feeling the rush.  Seems like the offensive line is better now than it was in Week 1.

Next, Bortles releases the ball very quickly.  Bortles never looked to his left and threw quickly to Benn on a slant route. Maybe Bortles recognized man coverage on Benn.

Third, Benn makes a great play by sliding down to secure the ball. Then, realizing that he was not down by contact, he gets up and sprints into the end zone for the touchdown.  A 51-yard touchdown reception, the longest for Jacksonville this season.  Finally, Jacksonville scores in crunch time.

Benn’s reception will have its place in Jacksonville Jaguars folklore.  Especially since his catch will keep the playoff train on the right tracks for Jacksonville.

You may have heard that the “third times the charm.” That was certainly true for Benn and his third, crucial catch.

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