Paul Posluszny thinks the Jacksonville Jaguars are highly talented


Jacksonville Jaguars middle linebacker Paul Posluszny has high praise for the 2016 Jags, calling them the most talented team he has ever been on.

Paul Posluszny has had a rough break in his career, playing only for the Buffalo Bills and Jacksonville Jaguars. He’s a tackling machine, an old-school thumper, and an excellent field general for the defense, but he hasn’t been surrounded by a lot of talent in his career.

So, when Posluszny says that the 2016 Jaguars are the most talented team he has been on in his career, there really must be something special. Posluszny knows mediocrity and the his experience may be the first hint that the Jags are going to be better than mediocre in 2016.

None of this will be tested until the preseason begins and then, ultimately, the regular season as well but it’s already a good sign that the Jag shave something special building up.

Training camp is underway right now and the coach-speak is flying across the NFL as coaches work to hype their teams and players who haven’t already stepped up as play makers in their careers.

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Posluszny has never seemed like the kind of player who buys into that type of hyping. He comes in and he gets to work, which lends some credence to his statement that the Jags just may be the best team he’s been on in his career.

Is this buying a bit too much into a player’s statement, especially a player who has never been a part of a winner? Perhaps. It’s the time of year for hype, though, and anything positive coming out of one of the few veterans on the team with experience elsewhere in the league is a positive for the young, budding Jaguars.