Allen Hurns extension gives Jags a long-term threat


Allen Hurns was recently extended by the Jacksonville Jaguars, giving the team a wide receiving threat for the long term.

Extending Allen Hurns for four more years with $40 million dollars “just made sense” according to Jacksonville Jaguars senior writer John Oehser and that’s the consensus from pretty much everyone.

After two hyper productive years after being an undrafted free agent, Hurns has become a go-to player with excellent durability and a knack for the big play. He is an excellent complement for stud wide receiver Allen Robinson and he can demand attention from defenses in his own right.

With so many strong, young wide receivers on the Jags’ roster, it’s important to lock in key guys like Hurns for the foreseeable future. A four year extension doesn’t seem like much right now, but those years could turn into prime years for the Jaguars as they compete for playoff spots and, possibly, deep runs.

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This may be getting too far ahead of ourselves, especially since the Jags haven’t won more than five games in what feels like an eternity, but looking forward is critical if the Jags hope to have success after finally starting to win games.

Credit to the Jacksonville Jaguars for making a deal for the future of the franchise this early. It’s important to lock in the players that will be critical to the team’s success and after two successful, surprising years, Hurns looks like he’ll be one of those players. He isn’t perfect, but he’s got a lot more positive than negatives.

It’s exciting to know we’ll be seeing such a hard working, hard playing wide receivers for the coming years. It’ll be great to see if Hurns can continue his impressive play as the team matures and competition gets stiffer at the position. Personally, I expect him to continue to deliver.