Can Allen Robinson live up to his potential?


Allen Robinson was the most dominant receiver for the Jacksonville Jaguars in a decade and has the potential to be even greater. Can he do it?

You know you’re in a good place when all-time great Michael Irvin says that you’re going to be a beast.

That’s exactly what happened for young Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Allen Robinson.

In particular, answering questions from Ryan O’Halloran of the Florida Times-Union, Irvin noted that Robinson soaks up tips on greatness like a sponge and plays with a bit of a chip on his shoulder, saying, “He wasn’t drafted in the first round but he said he would change the game for his team and that’s what he’s done.”

Earlier we asked whether Robinson will be able to propel the Jags offense in 2016 and we’ve also talked about how Robinson effectively saved quarterback Blake Bortles’ season with his acrobatic catches. The fact that we’re able to talk about either of those things is a testament to just how good Robinson has become early in his career.

Now, can he live up to his potential and be the beast that Irvin sees him becoming? Can he really be like Irvin?

It will be difficult to actually assess Allen Robinson’s fulfillment of his potential until his career is over and we have a full body of work to look at, but it’s clear he’s taking the right steps forward.

Robinson plays each and every down with intensity, he’s putting in the work to find ways to beat his opponents through superior preparation, he has the athleticism to out-perform even some of the best athletes on defense. It’s really the whole package.

So far, so good.

Now Robinson just needs to keep it up. He needs to persevere through what could be an incredibly long career on a burgeoning stage with the Jacksonville Jaguars. He’s developing into a top-flight receiver, but what differentiates a good receiver from a great receiver is the ability to put in the hours and dedication for years on years and years.

Irvin was able to do that over 12 seasons with the Dallas Cowboys. Robinson only has two years under his belt and will need another decade of hard work to end up in a similar position to Irvin. He’s doing everything right at the moment and that is a strong indicator he’ll be able to keep it up in the coming years.

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Expect the Allen Robinson to be a beast for years to come. He’s got it all.

There’s just a little bit of pressure to be as good as a Hall of Famer. Easy as pie.