Can Allen Robinson propel Jags offense in 2016?


Allen Robinson was a breakout sensation in 2015, managing to secure his first trip to the Pro Bowl among other accomplishments. Can he keep it up?

The jump ball is a bit of an art in the NFL and arguably nobody else in the league can win as often as Allen Robinson does. He almost makes it look effortless as he scales defensive backs and snatches the ball out of the air.

He dominated against man to man, he even won some in double or triple coverage. There was no stopping Allen Robinson in 2015.

With a growing quarterback in Blake Bortles and another year in offensive coordinator Greg Olson’s offense, Robinson is poised to have another stellar season in 2016.

But what about the offense as a whole? Can they keep up the pace? Can Bortles continue to take steps forward? Will teams find a way to stop the talented Robinson from leaping over defenders to make circus catch after circus catch?

These are questions we won’t know the answer to until the 2016 season actually gets underway. The speculation will surround the offense until we get those first tastes in the preseason and, later, the regular season begins.

Robinson has some high expectations, though. According to Conor Orr at, Robinson wants to see the Jaguars in the playoffs. The expectations aren’t just for the team, but especially on offense with Robinson saying, “Especially for us offensively, we have high, high expectations. High expectations.”

While the quarterback is the primary driver in today’s pass happy NFL, Robinson will have to do his part to propel the Jags forward. Like all stud wide receivers, he’ll be expected to win his battles routinely. Bortles relied on Robinson to come out on top frequently as he heaved pass after pass in his direction with the express hope of Robinson making him look good.

For 2015, Robinson did just that. He came on strong and routinely won his battles. He’s good, there’s no doubt.

If he wants to be great, he needs to prove he can do it again. To propel this offense forward, he needs to show that 2015 wasn’t just a breakout fluke. He needs to show that 2016 and the years beyond can be a replication and, hopefully, an improvement on a season that saw him haul in 1400 yards and 14 touchdowns.

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As good as Blake Bortles can get in another year, he’s still going to be the “gunslinger” we’ve come to love. He’s still going to throw an errant pass that needs a miraculous play from a receiver in order for it to look like something special. Allen Robinson is the man to do it and those high expectations he and the rest of the team have will rest heavily on his shoulders.