It’s time to say goodbye to Chris Clemons


Chris Clemons has been the veteran pass rushing presence for the Jacksonville Jaguars over the last two seasons, but he is no longer a useful part of the team and it’s time to move on.

2014 could have been Chris Clemons’ last season with the Jacksonville Jaguars, but an unfortunate injury to 2015 first round selection Dante Fowler Jr. forced the Jaguars to keep him around.

As the team starts the period of roster evaluation and potential talent acquisition, it’s time to re-address the question of what Chris Clemons brings to the Jags and whether he is worth keeping around.

With Fowler ready to get back to work and plenty of other young options available in free agency and the 2016 NFL Draft, it’s time for the Jags to finally pull the trigger and let Clemons walk out the door. He is now taking space on a defense that desperately needs to improve and needs a talent infusion that Clemons clearly cannot provide.

The aged pass rusher has had success in his career, totaling double digit sacks in three of the four seasons before coming to Jacksonville. But he is no longer an efficient pass rusher or capable of disrupting the quarterback consistently.

This was most apparent this past season when Clemons managed just three sacks and one forced fumble. He lost playing time as a starter and other, younger options were making plays and flashing potential while Clemons looked his age (34).

As outlined by Mike Kaye at First Coast News, despite the Jacksonville Jaguars have plenty of cap space, Chris Clemons could still find himself among the cap casualties. Cutting Clemons would save another four million dollars for the Jaguars.

It isn’t just about opening up (even) more money for another young player, but about finding the right talent to fit the team. Head coach Gus Bradley needs a speedy edge rusher for his leo pass rushing position and Clemons just doesn’t fit the bill anymore. He’s clearly a step behind.

It’s unfortunate for a guy like Clemons to have his success window last for such a short period of time (2010-2012) after struggling to make a name for himself and even find playing time after going undrafted. He finally caught on with the Seattle Seahawks, forced his way into the lineup with dominant play, and had a few strong years before finding his way to the Jaguars.

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By all accounts, what Clemons has done in his career is a success. He’s defied the odds, he’s out-battled the competition, he’s been dominant, and he’s been a leader for his teams. Now, it’s time for him to find another new role elsewhere.

It’s time to say goodbye.