Jacksonville Jaguars still hungry to improve offense


Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles set franchise records during his second season with the team, but there’s room for growth all around and the Jags are hungry to make the offense even better.

Complacency is dangerous in the NFL.

In a league that values parity and actively enforces it through a strict salary cap and draft system that helps bring the worst teams quickly to the top, it’s important to keep building. A team can’t stop after one good year or one good showing. They have to keep clawing forward, finding ways to get better.

That’s what makes the recent comments by Jacksonville Jaguars offensive coordinator so important. Jaguars senior writer John Oehser asked the OC “You clearly like what this offense did last season, but you’re not as glowing about it as some outsiders” and Olson responded with a grounded comment:

"It’s good to have higher expectations. Let’s keep it realistic. We made some jumps. We’re better, but really, we’re somewhere in the middle there. We want to be higher than that, obviously. There is growth, though. We may have gone from one of the worst offenses in the history of the Jaguars to one of the better ones in a one-year span. It’s good the expectations are changing and that’s a positive, especially for this group because it’s a young group and we can kind of hammer down a little bit: ‘Don’t be satisfied.’ The good thing is they’re not satisfied and I’m not satisfied, either. The coaching staff – they’re not satisfied, either."

That’s great to hear. Too often it seems like the narrative around the Jaguars is that it is somehow just naturally coming together, as if 2015 was the defining year for a franchise that is trying to turn things around. After a 5-11 season, things obviously weren’t perfect, but there is sometimes a sense like the hard work is over and there are just a few more steps to make the Jags a true competitor.

Unfortunately, that isn’t true. It’s good hearing that Greg Olson, and the other Jacksonville Jaguars coaches, aren’t buying into their own hype. They know there’s more work to do before they can call it good.

And even then, there will still be plenty of other things to correct.

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After another tumultuous year, it’s good to know that the coaches are attacking the offseason with the right perspective. The hard work still has to be done.