Jacksonville Jaguars plagued with moving rumors, post-Rams decision


The Jacksonville Jaguars have no interest in leaving Jacksonville, but that doesn’t stop the endless speculation surrounding the team after the NFL voted for the Rams to leave St. Louis for Los Angeles.

With the St. Louis Rams becoming the Los Angeles Rams again, there’s an understandable reaching out by people interested in keeping professional football in St. Louis.

To some, the logical decision is to try and bring the Jacksonville Jaguars to St. Louis after the Rams leave. After all, the Jaguars have a terrible fan base with a limited market and are always linked to moving rumors (right!?).

Fortunately for those of us who are fans of the Jaguars and want to see them stay in Jacksonville, there’s already been a report that the Jags have no interest in leaving Jacksonville for St. Louis. Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reached out to Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan about the possibility, who quickly shot it down.

The Jaguars have a perception problem across the NFL and that perception is that the Jaguars are struggling in their market and are looking to leave. For some reason, maybe it is because Jacksonville just just the 47th biggest market in the US (as measured by Nielsen), the cause to move the Jaguars just won’t die.

Frankly, it’s a shame. In light of the improvements to Everbank field under Khan and his stated commitment to the Jacksonville area, you would think that the cause to move the Jags would die. You would think the attendance numbers (better than many teams) and renewed support for a surging, young team would quash this but it hasn’t for some reason.

The Jaguars are here to stay and there’s no reason to think that they should leave. Khan and the Jags are doing just fine.

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It’s a shame that St. Louis doesn’t have a team anymore, but they can’t have our Jaguars. They’re right where they belong.