Jacksonville Jaguars Week 17 Power Rankings: Get Low


At long last, the national nightmare is over – the Jacksonville Jaguars are finally eliminated from the playoffs. The final blow came this past weekend when the Houston Texans obliterated the Tennessee Titans and the Jaguars failed to put up a fight against the New Orleans Saints.

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The Jaguars are going to finish with no more than 6 wins, something that might have seemed acceptable before the season began. Given the way the schedule unfolded however, it’s pathetic that the Jaguars failed to pile up enough wins to capture this disastrous division.

Here’s where the Jaguars fell in some of the power rankings around the web after being lit up but Drew Brees and the Saints:


"26. Jacksonville JaguarsComing into this season, not many really knew what to make of the Jacksonville Jaguars. They were a team that was stacked with some young talent, and some even believed they might be able to make a small playoff run. However, after losing to the Saints on Sunday, 38-27, this young group fell to 5-10 on the year.Blake Bortles threw for over 300 yards on the day and both Allen Robinson and Allen Hurn pulled in over 100 yards receiving. But, once again, the running game with this team was pretty much non-existent, which is something they need to rectify if they want to take that next step. There are some other issues as well, but they need to get a consistent running back into the fold somehow to start being competitive.It seems like this is a team that’s headed in the right direction, once they figure some things out. While 10 losses might be accepted by some this season, this will be something that’s probably completely unacceptable next year as this group continues to grow together. 2016 will most certainly be a crucial year for the Jaguars.With this one out of the way now, the Jaguars will look to get themselves one final win on the year when go on the road to take on the Houston Texans.."

FOX Sports

"26. Jaguars (5-10) HIGH: 21 / LOW: 32The Jaguars can move the football — specifically through the air — but they won’t ever compete until they find a way to stop the pass. This has been an issue since Gus Bradley has arrived, and finding a pass rush should be their top goal this offseason."


"26. Jaguars Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns each have 1,000 yards receiving this season. The last pair of Jaguars teammates to each top 1,000 receiving yards in the same season? Jimmy Smith and Keenan McCardell (2001)."

CBS Sports – Pete Prisco

"29. JaguarsBlake Bortles and the offense have been impressive. But that defense? Yecch."

Yahoo Sports – Frank Schwab

"25. JaguarsIf you watched the Saints-Jaguars game, you realize how empty Blake Bortles’ 368 yards and four touchdowns were. When the game was competitive the Jaguars offense did very little. There’s still a long way to go with this team. Some promising signs, but keep games like Sunday in mind if the offseason buzz on them gets louder."

NFL.com – Elliot Harrison

"25. JaguarsProtect the football, Blake. The Jaguars’ franchise quarterback put up huge fantasy numbers once again, but tossed two more picks. The interception total (16 on the season) isn’t the concern; it’s the timing. The first pick was thrown in his own territory with the Jags already down 14-zip. New Orleans produced points off the turnover, pushing the lead to 21 (too much to overcome). Still, it’s hard to get on Bortles’ case too much when Jacksonville’s defense gave up 537 yards and 7.5 yards per play. Imagine that: The Saints gained almost eight yards every time they snapped the ball. Brutal."

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My take:

I think most of the guys above have the Jaguars ranked too highly and I disagree on some of their takes. Schwab is trying to argue that Bortles’ stats came in garbage time, and that’s just patently false. If the end of the second quarter and beginning of the third quarter down less than 3 scores is “garbage time” then we should redefine that term. Elliot Harrison is also killing Blake for his interceptions, but he probably shouldn’t point to the first turnover when he threw a good pass to a receiver that was interfered with quite obviously.

Still, I won’t give the Jaguars a bump at all in my rankings. They can put up points, but this defense is embarrassingly bad.

My ranking for the Jaguars after week 15: 30