Jacksonville Jaguars: What to expect to end the season


The Jacksonville Jaguars were in the running for the playoffs just two weeks ago and are now on the outside looking in.

Can the Jacksonville Jaguars still make a play for the playoffs? How many wins should we expect?

These are questions well worth considering after the Jaguars blew the opportunity to possibly slip into the playoffs after losing to the hapless San Diego Chargers and equally poor Tennessee Titans.

So instead of 6-6, the Jags sit at 4-8. Barring an absolute miracle, the playoffs are not going to be in the future for the Jags.

So, what can the Jaguars expect from the rest of the season? With four games left in the season and two being divisional matchups, the Jaguars can still make a statement to end the season.

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Aside from possibly winning the most games in Gus Bradley’s tenure as head coach, the Jags could also prove they can take on some talented teams.

The Colts are poised to make the playoffs and will be a tough team to beat this weekend. Similarly, the Houston Texans game to end the season could decide who is crowned the king of the AFC South.

The other two games, against the slumping Atlanta Falcons and the talented yet under-performing New Orleans Saints, should provide a good opportunity for the Jaguars to measure how successful they are in crafting a competitive team for next year.

A lot of talk will be devoted to the 2016 NFL draft already, but I think that is defeatist and premature at this point. Sure, the Jags will likely have a top-10 draft pick again, but it is still important to look at the rest of this season as an opportunity for growth and measurement.

…and besides, there could be a couple of wins left in there as well.

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While the Jags are playing for 2016, there’s still plenty to do in this season. Let’s see what these final four games yield for development among the team. I’m tired of the team losing and would like to see Bradly’s unit finish strong.