Jacksonville Jaguars: 1 game back from playoffs


The Jacksonville Jaguars are one game back from the AFC South lead, but they are also just one game back from getting a wild card into the playoffs as well.

Heading into Week 12, the Jacksonville Jaguars (4-6) barely lag behind the Houston Texans (5-5) and Indianapolis Colts (5-5) in the AFC South division. It’s a division that has been ridiculed all season long for being full of underperforming teams.

But things are changing.

With a lot of recent wins, the Jacksonville Jaguars have found themselves back in the playoff hunt both for the AFC South’s division spot and for a wildcard spot.

Only one team slated to get into the playoffs if the season ended today – the Pittsburgh Steelers (6-4) – has a record better than .500. The Texans are currently on the outside looking in with the Kansas City Chiefs (5-5) getting the nod with their 4-2 conference record.

If the Jaguars can continue to win games, they could still sneak right into the playoffs.

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The Jags are one of three teams tied at 4-6 after Week 11. The Jags hold a 4-4 record in the conference, which could be improved with three more division games on the schedule and another against the San Diego Chargers (2-8). If the Jags can win a majority of those final conference games it will go a long way to beating tied teams to get into the playoffs.

As we continue to look toward the Jacksonville Jaguars playoff push, it’s important to keep in mind that winning more than just the division games is important. It won’t just be the games against the Titans, Colts, and Texans that matter, but taking care of business against inferior opponents like the Chargers as well.

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Hopefully we’ll see a late-season push from the Jags. They could realistically reach 8-8 this season and, assuming a handful of those four more wins are against conference contenders, break ties to get into the postseason.