Jacksonville Jaguars uniforms divide nation during night of victory [POLL]


The Jacksonville Jaguars uniforms were a hot topic during the Thursday night victory over the Tennessee Titans.

While most of the support or hate for the “bold” gold uniforms came on Twitter, there was plenty to be said across the nation as writers took to their keyboards to express their displeasure or enjoyment of the mustard-y-yellow-gold uniforms the Jaguars sported. On the whole, writers mostly registered displeasure or noted the internet’s hating of the color.

As part of the “color rush” games on Thursday night football this year, it was a step toward something fresh from the NFL. It’s a new product to keep things more interesting as the NFL continues to intoxicated audiences with big plays and, now, bright colors. It’s a “bold new look for Thursday night” that some will either hate or love.

Some writers, like Paul Lukas at ESPN, have noted that the bold uniforms were bad but just about as bad as other “terrible” uniforms around the NFL. (Yes, the Jaguars’ helmets also made the list)

Other writers, like the guys over at For the Win, noted that the Jaguars uniforms made other terrible uniforms look like “tailored Armani suits” in comparison.

But what did the Jacksonville faithful think of the uniforms. We’re well past the teasing photos and it’s been almost a full day to digest the look.

Was this is a step in the right direction? Did it match the helmet? Would you have preferred a different color? What about the shade of gold? Wishing the uniforms had giant mustaches on them in honor of team owner Shad Khan? There was a lot Nike, the NFL, and the Jaguars could have done for these uniforms.

Let your voice be known in our poll below.

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And who knows, maybe next time there’s a color rush game the Jaguars will spice things up again.