Jacksonville Jaguars win 22-20 against Baltimore Ravens: Quick Notes


In one of the most comical endings in recent NFL history, the Baltimore Ravens lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday 22-20 after a disastrous and unnecessary facemask call gave the Jaguars an extra life.

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The Jaguars have found new ways every week to lose the game, but the Ravens decided to turn the table for one week and blow it themselves. The Jaguars were down for the count after

Blake Bortles

threw a pass inbounds with less than 20 seconds left and the young quarterback snapped the ball with no time left. In a weird, broken play,

Elvis Dumervil

managed to sack Bortles but he stupidly grabbed the QB’s facemask. The Jaguars got the ball in range for a

Jason Myers


kick a 52 yard field goal


The Jaguars won the game, but it was an ugly affair and doesn’t really inspire much confidence moving forward. Here are some quick notes from today’s win:

  • Let’s start with the quarterbacks. Blake Bortles had easily his worst game of the year, never finding a rhythm in the pocket and throwing a handful of errant balls that could have put the game away for the Ravens. Bortles had a few nice throws, including a terrific pass on the touchdown to Allen Robinson, but he still makes too many boneheaded plays at critical moments.
  • On the other side of the field, Joe Flacco unsurprisingly played well. The lack of a pass rush on the Jacksonville defense has made every opposing quarterback look good and this week was no different. Flacco had a ton of success with the tight ends in the middle of the field and on play action passes to the fullback. Even though he threw 2 interceptions, the first one wasn’t his fault and the second one appeared to be a miscommunication with his receiver.
  • The Allens continued their outstanding seasons with touchdowns for each young receiver, but Allen Hurns clearly has become Bortles’ go-to guy. Hurns had key catches on drives in the middle of the game and he took a beating on some of the receptions.
  • The Jaguars are still struggling to find a niche for Julius Thomas. The pricey free agent tight end had 2 catches for 23 yards, but he and Bortles couldn’t connect on a couple of plays that could have busted out for big yardage. The same goes for Marqise Lee who finally made it onto the field again.
  • Defensively the Jaguars did their part with 3 turnovers in the 3rd quarter – unfortunately the offense couldn’t capitalize, scoring only 3 points off those turnovers. The Jaguars don’t get many turnovers, so they need to learn to finish those short-field drives when they actually get the chance.