Jacksonville Jaguars eke past Ravens in game nobody wanted to win


The Jacksonville Jaguars barely won with the team struggling to capitalize against a bad Baltimore Ravens team that, predictably, looked much better against the Jaguars than they usually do.

In a game that saw Allen Hurns and Allen Robinson get in the end zone and the Jacksonville Jaguars defense force plenty of turnovers, it’s a little shocking to see such a low score.

Yet the Jags game against the Baltimore Ravens looked more like a game of “hot potato” as both teams seemed to hand each other opportunity after opportunity to win the game.

For the Jaguars, it was struggling to capitalize on turnovers.

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For the Ravens, it was struggling to hang onto the ball.

No matter how many times the Ravens said, “hey take the lead” the Jaguars kept deferring, almost opting to stall on offense immediately following the possession change. This, of course, led to the last-second field goal.

Aside from the turnovers, it was a game that the Baltimore Ravens looked more prepared for and saw them execute much better than the Jaguars. The Ravens gained far more yards than the Jaguars in this game. With 397 yards to just 258 for the Jaguars, it’s a near-miracle that the Jags were even still in the game.

Joe Flacco finished the game 34 of 45 for 316  yards, three touchdowns, and two interceptions. Like many other quarterbacks the Jaguars have faced, he looked like a Pro Bowler for most of the game. The interceptions were big for the Jags, but mostly served to slightly disrupt the momentum that Flacco built up.

Blake Bortles finished the day 22 of 45 for 188 yards, two touchdowns, and one interception. It was the kind of game that Bortles will probably want to forget.

Yet in the end, the Jags came up with the win when it mattered. Jason Myers booted a 50+ yarder through the uprights with 0:00 on the clock to give the Jags the win. He redeemed himself after missing a chip-shot earlier in the game.

Final score: 22-20 for the Jags.