Jacksonville Jaguars: Mistakes continue to mar team


The Jacksonville Jaguars are an improved team. Each year under head coach Gus Bradley and general manager Dave Caldwell we have seen a step forward.

So why, when the game is on the line does everything continue to fall apart?

We saw it again in the Week 9 loss to the New York Jets. The Jaguars have a chance to make plays to not just stay in the game but to come out ahead. Instead, we see the team shoot itself in the foot.

Daniel Lago summarized it greatly yesterday, but it’s worth repeating.

  • Interception on a bad decision
  • QB fumble trying to do too much with the ball (driving in the fourth quarter)
  • Muffed punt (to get the ball back and score in the fourth quarter)
  • Interception to end the game when it should have been thrown away

I may be less incensed that others over Paul Posluszny failing to hold onto a fumble (it’s a tricky ball, that football) on third down, especially since the Jaguars were getting the ball back anyway.

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On the whole, these turnovers not only led to points but also took away scoring opportunities for the Jags.

This Jacksonville Jaguars offense is capable of scoring. They showed that by marching down the field on three plays for 72 yards in just 18 seconds. That drive was capped with a big touchdown strike to Bryan Walters. Yet with the game on the line, a lack of maturity seeps through the cracks and the Jaguars collapse.

Lago called it self destruction. It’s really tough to argue against that.

Can the Jacksonville Jaguars learn to avoid the mistakes that mar the team? Can they play as a more professional unit than their tender age would imply? It’ll take a lot of growing up in a short period of time for these Jaguars.

A lot of people will point to the head coach as not doing enough to prepare the players. There’s some truth to that. But with Gus Bradley hanging around for at least another season, it’s time to look toward the most proactive solutions available. I’m not sure there is a solution for these types of mistakes during the season. Bradley looked as angry as anybody that his rookie return man muffed a punt that could have saved the team.

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Yet it happened and here we sit with another loss piled high.