AFC South is the worst division in the NFL


The Jacksonville Jaguars have a less than appealing 2-5 overall record as we sit at the bye week, but they still far from being out of the playoff picture. While acquiring a wild card berth is farfetched at best given the current standings, the Jaguars have a non-trivial chance of making the playoffs thanks to the ineptitude of the AFC South.

According to Football Outsiders, the Jaguars still have a 20.9% chance of making the playoffs (2nd in the AFC South), with 20.4% of that probability coming from winning the division.

The Jaguars are fortunate to be in a position where they can still make the playoffs despite 3 absolutely crushing losses in a row in recent weeks… but is the AFC South really the worst division in football?

Chris Wesseling of Around the NFL over at thinks so, and he had some unflattering words about the only division in football with losing records across the board:

"8. AFC SouthYikes. A perennial laughingstock, the AFC South doesn’t have a single representative in the top 20. The first-place squad has yet to win a game outside the division. The second-place team has been down more than 40-0 twice in the past four weeks. The NFL ought to look into the Premier League’s practice of relegation, so we can fumigate this entire clown car."

The odds of the AFC South sending a representative with a losing record to the playoffs are staggeringly high, so why not the Jaguars? As Wesseling points out, the Colts haven’t beaten anyone outside the division, so if the Jaguars can just stop making stupid mistakes and blowing 4th quarter leads, they should be able to beat their weak divisional foes. They’ve already managed to win 2 out of division games (their only 2 wins actually), so they have a big head start on the rest of the division.

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