Blake Bortles fantasy football: Is he worth picking up?


Blake Bortles found his way onto my fantasy football team at the end of the draft in my Yahoo league this season. He was a flier, third quarterback who would likely never see a start since I had Carson Palmer and Ben Roethlisberger as well.

After just one week, Blake Bortles found himself cut from my team in favor of a defensive player who won’t produce nearly as many points but will definitely get more starts than a low-end quarterback.

Now, with Roethlisberger sitting the bench due to injury and the need for a quality second quarterback growing, Bortles looks better and better once again.

Is he worth putting on your fantasy football team now? Do injuries to guys like Roethlisberger, Tony Romo, and other quarterbacks make his value soar?

James Morris at the Jacksonville Jaguars team site notes that people should be picking up Bortles. Bortles is even considered a sleeper now over at

There’s movement upward in the fantasy football world for Bortles and I think that people struggling to find a quality quarterback for a bye week or who suddenly don’t have someone to start due to injury, Bortles will look pretty nice.

Our own Jordan de Lugo has been advocating for a Blake Bortles start for some time, especially as he continues to climb the QB rankings in fantasy points and as a better quarterback overall.

The Jaguars are not an offense that is going to blow the doors off of another team anytime soon, but there are opportunities for fantasy points and Bortles continues to take care of the football much better than his rookie season and has been having a much better start than other Jags QBs have for years.

While I personally will continue to turn to Carson Palmer, I know that many other fantasy football owners may not have the luxury of two reliable, quality starting quarterbacks on their team. If you’re one of those types, taking a chance on Blake Bortles may be wise.

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