Jacksonville Jaguars Week 5 Power Rankings: Down in the dumps


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The Jacksonville Jaguars might have lost their last bit of goodwill with the fans when

they lost to Matt Hasselbeck

and the Indianapolis Colts in overtime this past Sunday. While fans who follow the team closely

have started to worry

, most of the national media aren’t viewing the loss from the same prism of disappointment.

Out of context, losing to the incumbent AFC South champions on the road in overtime doesn’t seem like a bad loss, but this was by far the most disheartening performance in the Gus Bradley era. The Jaguars had a chance to put themselves in a good position within the division and are now tasked with beating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or essentially giving up their hopes to be a .500 team.

Here’s where the Jaguars fell in some of the power rankings around the web after a terrible loss:


"29. Jacksonville Jaguars he Jaguars will be kicking themselves for quite some time for letting Sunday’s game against the Colts slip away. For one, it could have put the team solely in first place at the season’s quarter mark – a feat unseen by many heading into the year. Secondly, it could’ve been one more hatchet blow to the head for a terribly underwhelming Indianapolis club. With the Colts going on a short week, the potential for them to be all but knocked out of the playoffs was real. Alas.On the bright side, Blake Bortles grew up in front of America during his surgical final drive in regulation. If not for missed field goals by Jason Myers – both in the first 60 and then in overtime – Jacksonville would be in the catbird seat. T.J. Yeldon needs to be more consistent. Regardless, for the first time in eons it actually appears like the Jags are maturing."

FOX Sports

"32. Jaguars (1-3) HIGH: 26 / LOW: 32The Jaguars have been held back by the poor play of their offensive line — a unit that has been among the league’s worst for 19 straight regular season games dating back to the 2014 season. On defense, the Jags can’t hold up in coverage on the back end."


"31. JaguarsThe Jaguars had a chance to take the AFC South lead with a win in Week 4, but failed to score after halftime in an overtime loss. It was the Jaguars’ 11th consecutive road loss."

CBS Sports – Pete Prisco

"27. JaguarsThey could easily be leading the division, if not for two missed field goals. Now they face a third consecutive road game when they visit Tampa Bay."

CBS Sports – Pat Kirwan

"30. Jaguars :The Jags let one get away this week, done in by their rookie kicker. They are doing good things on both sides of the ball, just not consistently enough to win. Last Week: 31"

NFL.com – Elliot Harrison

"25. JaguarsIs this a bad time to let Jags fans know Josh Scobee is available? Too soon? People were merciless in their ripping of Scobee, who missed two kicks into a 10 mph wind while kicking hurt for the Steelers. Meanwhile, Jason Myers misses two long kicks — in what is essentially a dome — and keeps his job. You don’t have to tell Jags fans that Myers should’ve made that last one — and you also don’t have to tell them what an outstanding pro Scobee was in Jacksonville.(Remember this 59-yarder to beat the Peyton Manning-led Colts back in 2010?)Random thought: Blake Bortles showed signs of being the QB the franchise was hoping for, but I still wish he used his legs even more."

My take:

Pete Prisco and Elliot Harrison appear to be the last bastions of hope for the Jaguars among the national analysts, but I think the broader consensus is that the Jags are one of the worst teams in the league. I tend to agree with the latter after seeing their lackluster performance in Indianapolis, but I also wouldn’t be shocked if the Jaguars won their next two games (at Tampa and home against the Houston Texans). For now though, my expectations are low until they show me I should think otherwise.

My ranking for the Jaguars after week 4: 30

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