Jacksonville Jaguars lose to Indianapolis Colts in overtime


Jacksonville Jaguars 13, Indianapolis Colts 16, and the Jacksonville Jaguars fell to the Indianapolis Colts in overtime.

The Jacksonville Jaguars almost edged out the Indianapolis Colts 16-13 off a 53-yard field goal by Jason Myers with just one second left in the game.

But instead the Jags went into overtime against their division foe.

After a nice 36-yard gain on the ground by T.J. Yeldon in overtime, the Jaguars finally had an offensive opportunity to win again. Unfortunately, the Jags stalled again.

After a big stop of the Colts offense, the Jaguars took over at the 39-yard line to drive again. Allen Robinson bailed quarterback Blake Bortles out with a big 14-yard reception on third and eight in the drive.

After a rush by T.J. Yeldon to get up over 100  yards in the game and a scramble by Bortles, the Jaguars were in prime position to win.

Myers came back on the field to try a 48-yard game winner and managed to miss wide left.

The nail-biter continued for everyone watching the game and the Jacksonville Jaguars scrambled to get back in a position to win it.

Unfortunately, the Indianapolis Colts connected on a big 28-yard pass to Coby Fleener, opening up the field to score. Frank Gore punished the Jaguars on third down for a 22-yard run, putting the game pretty much out of reach with 5:49 left in the fourth quarter.

Adam Vinatieri came on the field for a 27-yard attempt and nailed it right through to end the game.

Vinatieri doesn’t miss and he came through, once again, with a game-winning kick in his career.

Despite numerous opportunities to win the game, the Jacksonville Jaguars just couldn’t put together enough offensive production to get in a position to win. Myers missed twice, but they were big field goals for a young kicker and the Jaguars offense wasn’t getting close enough to make the kick easy.

It was a tough, winnable division loss.

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