Prowling The Web: Jacksonville Jaguars sink in power rankings


The Jacksonville Jaguars had a rough loss to the New England Patriots on Sunday. Even though they lost to the best team in the league, those doing the power rankings still pushed the Jags further down.

NFL Power Rankings – Fox Sports

"The Jaguars took a huge step backward in Week 3 when they failed to make a single stop on the defensive end. With Blake Bortles struggling to consistently keep drives alive, it could be another long year for the Jaguars."

Jacksonville Jaguars welcome hundreds in London – Jacksonville Jaguars team site

"The Jacksonville Jaguars welcomed hundreds of people to Hackney’s London Fields this weekend to take part in ‘JagTag Live’ – a special event to launch ‘JagTag’, a new brand of touch American Football for the UK.With the NFL-franchise set to return to Wembley Stadium in October, the team have created JagTag as a simplified version of touch American Football that is easy-to-play and accessible for people of all ages and ability.London Fields was buzzing with activity as children and adults alike, some who had never held an American football before, were given free coaching sessions with NFL experts to walk them through their first ever game of JagTag."

Horrid Jacksonville Jaguars fit to be tied in first place – UPI

"Yep, the other three teams in the division each have that 1-2 mark. That will change this Sunday however as the Jaguars travel to Indianapolis to take on the Colts. Houston is at Atlanta and Tennessee is idle, guaranteeing that there will be separation among the so-called division leaders.To call Jacksonville a first-place team after the abysmal effort that they put forth last Sunday at New England would seem out of place. Just when Jacksonville was starting to feel good about the progress they made since a year ago when a three-win season was deemed embarrassing, frustrating and shameful, the Jaguars laid an egg like never seen previously by their fans."

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