Jacksonville Jaguars Week 3 Power Rankings: Shooting up the board


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The Jacksonville Jaguars won their first game of the 2015 NFL season this past Sunday by

defeating the Miami Dolphins 23-20

at Everbank Field. It was a big game for the Jaguars considering they have 3 straight games on the road before coming back home. Next week’s game in particular is going to be a heck of a challenge, but for now the Jags are riding high on the strength of a terrific offensive performance.

Here’s where the Jaguars fell in some of the power rankings around the web after a big win:


"26. Jacksonville Jaguars The Jaguars opened up the season last week looking horrendous against the Panthers. This week, it was like we were all watching a completely different team as they took out the Miami Dolphins, 23-20. This was a Dolphins team that came into the season with a lot of high expectations. What was most notable from this one was Blake Bortles and Allen Robinson showing off that chemistry between one another that everyone was looking for since they came into the league last year. Robinson finished the game with six catches for 155 yards and two scores. That’s the tandem that we all assumed we might see. If they can build on that and then this team starts to build around them, then it’s only a matter of time before this team becomes a problem in the league for people."


"31. JaguarsThe Jaguars have a .500 record for the first time since Week 2 of the 2011 season. They finished 5-11 that season."

CBS Sports – Pete Prisco

"22. JaguarsThe offense took a big step forward against the Dolphins. Now comes a major challenge at New England. Good luck with that."

CBS Sports – Pat Kirwan

"26. Jaguars :Congrats to Coach Gus Bradley on a signature win over in-state rival Miami. They continue to make progress, but Blake Bortles has to continue to improve and play at a consistently high level. Last Week: 29"

NFL.com – Elliot Harrison

"18. JaguarsThat a way, Dan Skuta! OK, seriously — gimme a cooler football name in today’s game than Dan Skuta? Just wanna yell it to the mountaintops! The 49ers castoff — Don’t you think they would like to have him back? Maybe they would’ve only lost by three scores, not four, in Pittsburgh — came up with a huge pass deflection on the Dolphins’ last drive. OK, maybe the Jags were going to win anyway, but through two games, the unheralded Skuta has nine tackles, including two for loss, with a sack, quarterback hit and the aforementioned pass deflection. Dan Skuta: You can’t stop him, you can only hope to contain him. #Skutagear"

My take:

Whoah there Elliot Harrison. We appreciate the love but that’s a heck of a jump (10 spots from last week) for winning a fairly close game.

The only real comment I have on these rankings is just how silly ESPN looks. The Jaguars went up one spot after losing to Carolina last week and now they go down one spot for beating the Dolphins (who are ranked 15th by the way). The Jaguars are not playing like the 2nd worst team in football and saying so is just ignorant and downright dumb.

My ranking for the Jaguars after week 2: 25

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