Marqise Lee returns to practice, could help open up Jacksonville Jaguars offense


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The Jacksonville Jaguars had a hard time getting their offense going in their week 1 loss to the Carolina Panthers, a matter that certainly wasn’t helped by the absence of star tight end

Julius Thomas


An underrated and perhaps more vital absence was that of second year wide receiver Marqise Lee.

Somewhat of a disappointment as a second round rookie last year, Lee has been out of practices since the first week of training camp. He’s dealt with nagging injuries going back to his time at USC and this hamstring injury is just the latest in a string of soft tissue issues.

Lee didn’t compile a very impressive stat line as a rookie (37 catches for 422 yards and one touchdown) but he did display one trait that the Jaguars haven’t had on offense for a very long time – speed. Even when the ball isn’t thrown in his direction, Lee’s speed demands the attention of a safety over the top.

Lee should be back for the Jaguars’ week 2 matchup against the Miami Dolphins, especially since he was apparently almost cleared for week 1.

"“I could have told you that last week… I feel like I’m ready to go but then again it’s all up to the trainers, how they feel, how they feel like I look out there. It just depends on how I feel after practice.”– Jaguars wide receiver Marqise Lee"

Expectations should be low for Lee if he does return this week given the length of his absence and the inconsistency he showed in 2014, but just his presence on the field should help alleviate some of the pressure on Blake Bortles. All the receivers in week 1 had disappointing drops that shook the confidence of the young players (Bortles looked to be less decisive at the end of the game), so having another guy in the rotation will be a relief to everyone.

Lee doesn’t have to light the world on fire but he does need to get on the field.

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