Jason Myers: Meet the Jaguars’ new kicker


The Jacksonville Jaguars parted ways with Josh Scobee last week to make room for rookie kicker Jason Myers. The long-time veteran will be missed after a decade in Jacksonville, but Myers offers upside for the coming decade.

It’s a changing of the guard in the best sense.

With the preseason now behind us, we can look at the body of work presented by the new place kicker and start to figure out what the Jaguars really have at the position.

Is Jason Mysers going to be a second coming of Josh Scobee? Will Jason Myers be better?

It’s all up in the air and we’ll know more after the regular season ends, but for now we’ll work with what we have.

Through the preseason, Myers kicked five of seven field goals through the uprights. With a long of 55, he’s got plenty of leg to help if the Jaguars offense happens to sputter before getting too close. He pushed one wide on Thursday night and missed a 58-yarder earlier in the preseason.

While Myers is technically a rookie, he has plenty of experience playing professional football already. Coming to the Jaguars by way of the Arena League, Myers took a bit of a roundabout way to the NFL. Just not there yet out of college, Myers focused on getting better at his job though whatever opportunities presented themselves – which is something that many players simply don’t do.

To me, that displays a resiliency that will be invaluable on the bigger NFL stage. Clutch kickers make a name for themselves by performing in key moments, and while Myers has none of those to his name yet, his approach to the professional game makes me confident he’ll perform when needed. Thursday night’s game-winning 47-yard field goal may be the first of many for him.

Kickers have a stressful job with high expectations placed upon them. Myers is calm, focused, and determined to be the best at his position.

For a guy who was just 24 of 38 in college, he’s shown some massive improvement.

That’s a great sign for the future with the Jaguars. General manager Dave Caldwell and head coach Gus Bradley have to be excited about what he could accomplish with more disciplined practice and being in the NFL environment. Even so, he’s more than just your standard rookie. There’s some polish to Myers’ game it is on display each time he lines up for a kick.

I’m excited for Jason Myers and think he offers some serious upside for the Jaguars. I’m glad to see him join the team and ready to see what he can do in the regular season.

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