Gus Bradley is the coach with the most to prove?


The Jacksonville Jaguars are in year 3 of a complete and systematic rebuild under general manager David Caldwell and head coach Gus Bradley. From the beginning, we knew this was going to be a multi-year process with a significant amount of growing pains.

While the team wasn’t expected to win many games during the first or second year of the new regime, it’s still difficult to look at 7 wins over two seasons and be extremely happy about what’s gone down.

It wasn’t fair or really logical to judge the team and the coaching staff during 2013 and 2014, but year 3 is when people need to start being held accountable – first and foremost coach Bradley.

Doug Farrar notes as much in his AFC South preview for

"Coach with most to prove: Gus Bradley, JaguarsWhen the Jaguars hired Bradley away from Seattle after the 2012 season, the understanding was that the franchise was undergoing a long-term rebuilding process. Nearly totally bereft of talent, new general manager Dave Caldwell (who was hired around the same time Bradley was) built from the bottom up, but the results haven’t matched anyone’s expectations.Jacksonville won just three games in 2013 and four in ’14, and though those with the power to hire and fire in the organization say all the right things about understanding that Bradley can only do so much with what he has, another dismal season—especially in such a weak division—could have the decision-makers thinking differently."

Minor error aside (Farrar has the two win totals mixed up for ’13 and ’14), it’s hard to disagree with him. Probably one of the more underrated aspects of the Jaguars prospects in 2015 is the fact that the AFC South could once again be horrible.

The Colts have Andrew Luck, but besides the QB they might have one of the weaker rosters in the entire league. The Texans have a solid defense, but their quarterback situation is comical and not the least bit intimidating. The Tennessee Titans don’t have much going for them, even if Marcus Mariota plays well in his rookie season.

The Jaguars need to take advantage of their weak division and start winning games this year. If not, fingers are going to be pointed and Bradley will likely be the main target.

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