Victor Cruz whines about Jacksonville Jaguars’ defensive backs playing football


The Jacksonville Jaguars have put their meaningless week 2 preseason game against the New York Giants in the rearview mirror already as they prepare for their “dress rehearsal” game in week 3, but not every player from that game has moved on.

Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz (who didn’t play in the game by the way) came out “in defense” of teammate Odell Beckham Jr. on Tuesday, claiming the Jaguars’ defensive backs were gunning for the second year receiver.

"“I was a little unhappy last week… I felt like some of those defensive backs were kind of gunning for him and it was sad to see that go down because I couldn’t help him…Just when guys have the opportunity to get an interception and they don’t even go for the ball… let’s just keep it within the the game a little bit.”– Giants WR Victor Cruz"

Cruz might have been referring to this play where Eli Manning didn’t really help Beckham out at all:

Maybe I’m wearing teal-colored glasses here, but there’s nothing wrong with that play, or any of the other plays where Eli Manning overthrew OBJ. It was a clean hit well within the rules of the game, and it’s not the safety’s fault that Manning is putting his receiver in a tough spot or that Beckham short arms it and braces for the hit.

Cruz should probably stop complaining and talk to his young counterpart about not getting riled up by defenders. Beckham was visibly frustrated at the end of his shift on the field with how physical the Jags were being with him, enough to do something dumb like this:

(Thanks to @BigCatCountry for the vines)

If what the Jaguars were doing on Saturday night in one quarter was enough to get Beckham worked up, defensive backs are going to be pushing his buttons all season.

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