Blake Bortles will be a superstar, believes Cecil Shorts


Blake Bortles is getting a lot of praise though the offseason and now that the hype appeared real in the preseason, more praise is heaped on the young quarterback.

Former Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Cecil Shorts III is one of the people getting behind the QB, saying, “I think he’ll be a superstar in this league.”

This is good news for Bortles since Shorts has had plenty of experience working with terrible and mediocre quarterbacks in his past. Bortles passed the eye test in his rookie season (though there was certainly room for improvement) and while Shorts may not be in Jacksonville to play with Bortles again in 2015, he saw enough to believe in him.

Whether the Blake Bortles of 2015 can keep from regressing into the Blake Bortles of 2014 is another question.

So far there has been a lot of improvement, but the season is just beginning and if Bortles’ issues with his arm start again in 2015 then we may see him regress into some of the bad habits that made him a statistical failure in his rookie season.

Superstars in the NFL stay stars by making sure the gains they make in the offseason translate to the field during the following season. If Bortles can prove able to do that then he is well on his way to developing into a far improved quarterback. He has the mentality, the toughness, and the work ethic. He just needs to keep doing everything with a purpose to make sure he marches toward his goal.

It’s still too early to tell for 2015, but if guys like Shorts keep getting behind him then he certainly won’t lack encouragement to keep going forward.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are Bortles’ team and how he does will have a heavy impact on how the team does. If he becomes a superstar then everything will become a whole lot easier for the Jags.

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